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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pinky Robot

This Pinky blog will be 2 years old in 3 days. Pinky blog originally came from Pinky Robot blog, which suffered a server migration.

And that blog actually started after this- Are you a robot? For some reason, that question was like a little snowball that eventually avalanched my whole mountain down. See what happens when you put 'pinky robot Janika Banks' into a search bar... She never knew me as Pinky Robot.

10 1/2 months after I first ripped open about Pinky Robot in hybrid- how robots go on, I finally got the courage to put her name and city into a search bar. I was thankful to find this post, because it was such a relief seeing how I felt already worded out so I wouldn't have to. I know that sounds weird coming from someone who writes nonstop, but seriously.
How The New Mexican Government And Prison System Failed Its People

As I ripped open, starting a little over a year ago, my blog hits doubled, and then tripled, and lately I've let it slide back down a lot because I found a lot of my answers and got busy playing on minecraft. Despite this being my slowest month so far since March 2015, this is what my stats look like right now. No, I have no idea why, nothing obvious is standing out in referrals and other incoming like bots in my past have. I'm going to guess it has something to do with the Olympics though, because the majority are going straight to dotcom page instead of posts, probably from bio links on twitter and facebook.

And the reason I say Olympics is because alla sudden I've got all these countries showing up in stats this last week (blogger only shows top ten in any list)

and month

and I had that big tweet on the 5th that's still pulling in impressions

and pages like this showing up in my referrals lately. I'm going to guess my tweet got pulled into content curation or something. The page wouldn't translate for me, you can click that and try if you want.

And while I'm in stats, let's see what you all look like.

Top browsers this month-

Top operating systems this month-

This is usually what I see in visiting countries because of Lexx, Merlin, Sherlock, and other fandoms.

This referral cracked me up. Don't worry, it didn't tell me who you are, it's just I don't usually see it announced like that.

It's been a very long week, and I know some of you guys probably still think all I ever do is twitter and facebook and minecraft and then TV when Scott gets home from work, but I actually do read once in awhile, and today I got lost in some really cool write-ups about labyrinths throughout human history around the world, including Going Around in Circles: The Labyrinths of Theosophy. "The pattern of the classical labyrinth looks like the brain, and walking it is a dance with the forces of the universe. Just as in life, the goal is to reach the central source, but the path to it takes one close and far away by turns, until finally, the center is attained. At this point, the seeker realizes that his journey is only half done, for now he must dance the energy of the source back out to the world." Plus a lot of other good paragraphs. If you'd like an easier version, try The Labyrinth: A Brief Introduction to its History, Meaning and Use.

Social media is my labyrinth. I meander in an out, sometimes walking with others, sometimes walking by them going other directions. Sometimes I am silent and contemplative, sometimes I am moved as I move.

I'm not sure if I'll be posting again real soon or not. I have a minecraft date in the morning, and Tuesday is 2 appointments, psyche guy and sleep study consultation. Tomorrow around noonish my scheduled Autisable post goes live again. Several of my original Bluejacky posts are starting to show up on my new Autisable blog, and you can see they go back 7 years. I forgot I even wrote this one 5 years ago- Psyching Up – Becoming Liberated. I was one of my psychologist's very first adult autism spectrum patients. We both hung in there, and I've come to trust him completely as one of my most solid relationships. I'm not sure yet what kind of new material I'll be submitting, but blogging has definitely helped me communicate better when it comes time for more one on one with my psychologist. It's like getting all my thoughts rounded up and weeded out first.

Bluejacky, Pinky Robot, Aspienado... All my ways of dealing.

Ok, I need to escape this post and move on. THIS. Out just today and going viral.

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