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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Flash Coffee

That comes from a neat tiny little blog post by a big Central City fan from way back in 2011. Click the big red circle to check it out.

And that comes from a nearly 2 year old spoiler post full of behind the scenes pix. I'm loving that cup looking so Flash-y.

Yesterday was a big boof in my cosmos, and I just kept my head in MoC. First, I got super distracted with trying to do 3 things during a phone call that came in earlier than usual and couldn't tell or remember if I'd taken my noon gabapentin, so had to call the pharmacy and make sure I could skip it. I've been so notorious for med dosing problems that I have tiny spirals going back several years filled with daily dose log times, and even with that, I have to go through a very specific routine taking whatever med and logging it or I won't remember if I really took it or not, and that can get pretty dangerous with some meds. (I ask my brain if I took something, it says Which day? I got years of taking that twice a day...) I once doubled my blood pressure pill and then was pure goofball in traffic because bradycardia for the first time EVER in my whole life, which actually got caught on a holter, so that was a big wake up call because I'd been driving around being really weird in traffic. You wanna know why some wrecks happen? People probably do just that. And if you think about it, sometimes they do that on top of other meds and even alcohol or something else, so watch out for those goofballs out there. (This might explain some of the cars not stopping on the bus driver vid I shared on facebook yesterday, but that's me being generous and assuming not all those people were dicks on purpose.)

So I missed a gabapentin dose, pharm said no prob, just skip, I'm all thumbs up, and by the time I finally took it my head was wonky super headache coming on, and the relief was so real so fast that I got a good heads up why I'll never leave home without that bottle of pills on me now, and I guess it's time to get the bracelet saying I'm on it since I'm still tolerating it so well. Yes, that med needs a bracelet, very important bcuz super brain probs if I'm ever in a situation where I can't speak for myself.

Yes, there is a second, and that was my phone. I don't know what the what, but I can't call an 800# out without it going all spammy and randomly taking me to numbers trying to sell me something (like phone bot spam or something) instead of customer service with a specific company, and then after 3 attempts I suddenly got the YOUR PHONE HAS BEEN DEACTIVATED in my ear. Boink it, went back to MoC.

I spent the day yesterday pulling much of my scattered wealth together. I've got 12 places I can tp to between town spawn, store warp, 7 outposts, and 3 'homes', plus I run to other places I have close by (I consider crossing only one ocean 'close by'), and I've been working on how to let go of one of the homes so I can re-home to my new place in the castle. It involved a lot of flying and mapping coordinates and moving loads of stuff out of scattered chests to more centralized locations. I do a lot of wilderness work and I'm getting super rich doing it, although most of my visible wealth goes into town deposit and whole chests full of luxury blocks. I think I've actually used more bulk obsidian than anyone else playing that server.

This is much shorter than the last couple of vids, thank goodness. Key items are noticing a giant golem (the kind that tears everything up building itself before it explodes) can't seem to tear apart town property at all like it did my village, and then I discovered I was in Alien's (supermod) township, so I had to check that out from a distance (I had no idea the unclaimed castle I discovered was practically next door), and then as I was using coordinates to sprint back to my place, around 4:15 in I got total proof of spontaneous aggressive mob spawn (spawntaneous, lol) in broad daylight. I counted 3 witches, 2 wolves, and a couple things on fire that could've been zombies and/or skeletons, and I *think* maybe a winged bat horse, so all those times I told a couple friends I was suddenly plunging through 7 mobs all at once- vindicated. I think they think I'm a little crazy exaggerating sometimes, but I really do get some weird stuff all over me on MoC. And then after that I find my way into the castle to my new digs. Btw, this cover pic on this vid is NOT either one of ours.

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