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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

candy all the time

Aaaaand my goats and ostriches are dead.  This one is called a big golem and starts out like this.

Yeah, pretty innocuous looking. But.

Now I wanna run around and go find another one... I think the damage it does must repair itself like the creeper damage does on mo creatures. I was very surprised I didn't have to fix my fence and gardens and steps and replant trees and stuff.

Doctor messaged back yesterday, back to the original blood pressure med till I see him, yay! I think this is the second time I've tried cartia, first time a week in 2011, lasted 3 weeks this time. I know there's all this new research on my long time beta blocker not being ideal, but the reason I've been on it so long is because it's been so dependable for rhythm, even if I don't hit the intended pressure marks. I have relatives with pacemakers, trying to hold that off as long as possible. I've already had a rhythm correction surgery.

Again, anti-vaxxers, please note that heart rhythm problems through adulthood are a direct effect of untreated high fevers during bacterial and viral illnesses in childhood, like strep, measles, and lyme. I am your guinea pig example for what your kids could spend their lives with (if meningitis doesn't kill them first), so reconsider those vaccines, ok? I'm naturally born autism-spectrum. Vaccines didn't create aspienado, but NOT getting vaccines have caused decades of heart rhythm problems, along with many other autoimmune liabilities. Not everyone in the olden days lived to ripe old ages. Many died by their 30s and 40s of heart failure and other complications. That is why we have heart surgeons now, guys, because it's so stinkin' common in older people. Not all of it is sticky plaque from poor diets and smoking.

@bonenado and I cracking up this morning over whose plan is more viable, my govt player plan or his zombie escape plan. We each take our plans very seriously. I always go vote, not because I believe it counts or matters in an electoral college state, but so I'll have a spotless record as a good proletariat citizen who complies and stays under the radar. Well, I'm sure their bots crawl my blogs when key words come up, but my imaginary conspiracy awareness is probably more realistic than @bonenado's zombie defense system. We really have a zombie defense system. Yes, I live with a man who very seriously plans out zombie defense strategies in this house. You did read that right. I first mentioned it in 2012. I really wish he'd blog what's in his head, he'd have way more readers than I do.

I'm bouncing in an out of weirdness, like super flux on these meds, so I surged into power mode yesterday and made executive decisions about rearranging some things in my kitchen, especially my mobile office area. Let's see if it continues today.

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