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Saturday, August 13, 2016

même si je perds un temps pas possible

Oh, nothing, just talking shop with a couple people. What no one saw was me sprinting for cover when it all started so I wouldn't wind up getting massacred, you know, bcuz werewolves n stuff. Hey, some of you Lexx fans tell me you want to keep it culty, well, you sit in dark little underground rooms on the webs, you miss the fun.

That convo clicks to source. What no one saw after it was all over was what keeps me humble, like nearly dropping an entire pork roast on the floor lifting it out of the crockpot, barely catching it during epic facepalm, and then having to clean up all the greasy orange splash that radiated out beyond the edge of the counter onto the floor, and yes, I had to thoroughly wipe down even the cord. Crockpots don't save cleanup pour moi because the Klutz is strong with me. A person I used to run with on twitter would epic facepalm because he crockpots a LOT and uses those special crockpot liner bags so there's no messy cleanup, and I actually bought some and didn't even think to use them. A liner bag wouldn't have stopped the drop-catch-and-splash, but it would've saved me from having to follow up with lifting out the crockpot and washing it. Actually, a bag would have let me lift the entire thing over to a bowl to set in the fridge... +_+ I'm so dumb.

So I found out the guy who put God knows how many hours into this thing got banned. I can't even imagine being stupid enough to get banned from a project this big. I've gone through stacks and stacks of torches trying to light the place up a little, and it's so huge I keep getting turned around and lost.

I've decided that since he's been gone this long and it's barely been griefed at all, I'm not going to worry about trying to claim it for preservation. I've gotten so many screen shots that the awesomeness is preserved anyway, and the only reason I'd want to save a spot in there somewhere is so I don't have to fly 2 days and nights just to get there, but even that really isn't a big deal.

You guys know somewhere on the planet there are webmasters who get to yap with Benedict once in awhile... If Ellen EVER winds up in a movie with him I'll die. Let's plug those two into the Oracle of Bacon.

Hey, I can do this all day.

Except the day is about over and already past my bedtime.

Some of you know what really keeps me grounded.

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