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Friday, August 5, 2016

between the stars

Have I mentioned my lip art obsession? Probably not. I really don't tell you guys all the stuff. I've had this on my phone awhile. I've been collecting lip art pix for years. Click it for a crazy good time.

Today was pretty fantastic, and I'm wiped out, so bullet points while I let a rare pain pill start percolating. I've been avoiding it until follow up because it skews blood pressure readings, and now that I've got 118/80 documented 3 days back on beta blocker, I'm free to skew.
  • I'm officially downgraded from diabetes to pre-diabetes because I have managed it so well for so long without meds that I'm being booted off the island. While that means some things no longer get paid for on insurance, it also means I have successfully demo'd that I no longer need those things anyway, woot!
  • I actually lost a pound. We laughed. I told the doctor I stuck to calorie plan and the cartia turned me into a water balloon, and he said yep, it does that. 7-10 days it'll be outa my system, so hopefully I'll drop a couple of pounds just because the water retention will self correct, because dang it, I really did stick to a calorie count.
  • Now that the lethargy is already resolving, I get to shoot back into physical therapy while I'm still tolerating neurontin well to see if I'll assess differently now and hopefully make some progress this time, so maybe summer's not completely wasted after all.
Ok, weird stuff happening at the Circle K. Was trying to get this pic out of my photobucket and it kept grabbing this ghost pic instead. No idea whose dog that is, that address isn't my account, but every time I right click or try to mouse and highlight, I get that dog. Hmm. Just made that album private and it's still doing it. I'm not able to get a thumbnail address in any shape or form without getting that dog instead. Isn't this fun. This is how I feel right now.

Ah, here we go. Got into the help/scheduled maintenance screen and found other people complaining that they can't get their codes, either. The last person sent them an email 10 hours ago, no answer, other people in queue, same thing. Editor settings are out, issues going back to end of July... Wonder if the new app rollout funked up their root system or something, and maybe they had to just pull interactive function offline to fix a nasty code break. So it's not me, it's not my Windows 10, it's not someone messing in my account, it's photobucket going down like a flaming Ican'teventhinkofawordhere.

And since that could conceivably mean thousands of links go down all over my blogs going back years on a pro account, I may as well walk away and not even think about this, right? I'm going to go have a snack and finish my movie and hopefully take a nap. I never got that nap yesterday and I was crashing into bed big time last night.

At least youtube still works.

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