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Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm not moving

One of those conflicting weeks where people miss points and all I can think about is THIS AWESOME ABANDONED CASTLE COMPLETE WITH ARENAS, TURRETS, BATTLEMENTS, VILLAGE, COURTYARD, AND MORE!

I'm in discussion to lay claim, to prevent griefing if nothing else. I'll try to wait as patiently as possible for the sploit to join the fun and automatically up the claims value and capability on our town.

Oh, nothing, just PLAYING IN MY NEW CASTLE.

I should make a 'Benedict Room' like at Cowes Castle. Except 'my' *ahem* (hopefully soon) castle is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger.

I'll always be a village reclamations specialist at heart, but MY ENTIRE VILLAGE AND DESERT TEMPLE COULD FIT INSIDE ONE COURTYARD IN THIS CASTLE.

Ok, I'm fine. It's cool. Just a little excited.

You wouldn't believe all the stuff I find left behind on multiplayer, scattered junk all over the place, years of hard work like monuments to time, pets left to wander or live alone all locked up in empty places- it's like archeaological minecraft heaven. I normally go through leaving everything untouched, like I'm mapping lost civilizations on another planet, but I WANT THIS CASTLE. Both mini and super mod have confirmed it's unclaimed.

This happened yesterday. I don't post a lot of Lexx over there, but 3 of my original posts come up to 72 reblogs, likes, and comments. (I'm an "acolyte", lol.) (That would be more true if I didn't go a whole year or more between review posts.) Btw, ppl who unfllw bcuz social-political-religious issues, if I wanna reblog highly suggestive gifs of Kai kissing a baby cluster lizard and you don't like what you see, you can suck it, bcuz LEXX.

I don't do gifs, but I do words. When my words get passed on, I know people actually read them and liked them enough to share. Not retweeted, not relinked, not reshared, but actually reblogged and sometimes even translated into other languages. Anyone can retweet, relink, and reshare, doesn't mean followers cared enough to click. I have a hard time forgiving people who use my platform to get attention for themselves and ignore what I'm doing or fail to talk to me about something real that is important to me as both content contributor and self curator. Several hosts have asked if I'd write for them (not just Lexx), most I've politely turned down, and a few I've come to detest because I've seen the leeching that happens on other people's content and the head games that have to be played getting a little credit. When real people freely share my content behind the scenes without making a big fuss over it, I feel like I did something right. I love finding out months later that something I wrote was valuable enough to pass around the world. I may be really slow getting more content out, but I'm still here.

This is me in my Lexx corner.  #SherLexx

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