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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

but nothing is

Started on Monday afternoon.

Was looking for something else and ran right into this person selling these cool cards. Click it.

I've been dropping my phone a LOT again this last couple of weeks, but I go back into therapy in 9 days, so hopefully we can stop that sliding backward stuff. I'm not sure what's going on, but the nerve pain I've put up with for years on the left side of my head and face has been flaring up on the right last couple weeks, as well, so I don't know if it's related. Indication during last round of therapy was that the nerve entrapment was starting with my neck, so... Guess we'll see what happens.

*Reminder for later when I proofread- check if that form is time sensitive!*

My new sunglasses from China arrived. They're nearly black-out level, I'll be able to use them when I'm riding along in the car with my wrap around sunglasses and be like I'm sitting in the dark. After I opened them I went outside with them, was like total eclipse, just wonderful super low light level. I can't wear my glasses with them, and I can't wear contacts, so I'll be on the edge of legally blind wearing those, but I'll look hella cool.

I had a really nasty bad year a few years back where the pain in my eyes was so bad that I just kept them shut outside all the time when Scott took me shopping. I'd hold his arm and he'd walk me across parking lots into the stores. Coming back out into the bright sunlight was so painful I could barely force my eyes open at all very briefly when he let me know a curb was coming up or something. Even riding along in the car was so difficult with sunlight flashing through trees that he got the windows tinted, plus I wear sunglasses in the car. Well, that stabby pain is back, and it's getting hard driving this summer. I didn't notice this pain until we switched meds around, so I can't tell yet if it's a result of meds or a background noise that was being drowned out by the worse pain shocks elsewhere before I started the meds. Nervous systems are funny things, it's really hard to tell where pain actually is because it refers so easily. I've located this eye pain to a nerve originating out of the back of my head, and the needle point in this picture is exactly where it is. When I press my fingertip on a teeny tiny very sore muscle back there and move my eyes to look upper right at the same time, that spot and my right eye ping real hard simultaneously.

I know people who've had shots in the backs of their heads, and since I was turned down for spinal injections by a surgeon several years ago because I'm super high risk for everything going wrong (medical history), I'm hoping physical therapy can continue helping with this, because in the last couple years they've cut most of the pain down so much that I actually enjoy life now. The base of my skull had the thickest scar tissue, and it took weeks (3 months, actually) of continuous rigorous work freeing me up and giving me some mobility back, and THAT is when the nasty headaches finally stopped. I lived with indescribable nerve headaches for years that had me praying to go deaf and blind if only the pain would stop. I know now that nerve fail wouldn't have necessarily made the pain cease, so I'm glad I never went deaf and blind.


And another packet of forms came in the mail. I have only 3 days to get these filled out before I take them in. I've been officially flagged for genetic testing for hereditary cancers. I could have been flagged years ago, so I guess my age has something to do with it now. I also have other homework besides the forms. I've already watched 2 other education videos for the sleep study and another procedure that aren't happening until October, and now I have this education video about this genetic testing and a 'personalized cancer risk reduction plan', so it almost feels like I'm back in college or something.

This is now Tuesday. How was I smart last night and just crawling to coffee this morning? It's usually the other way around.

click me
And I'm starting off sneezing despite being on double zyrtec now. This looks to be a brutal season coming up. We may be a day early on this. Click it to check where you are.

There's a watermelon under my table that needs cutting up today, hopefully I remember that, too. *Tell @bonenado to get that onto a countertop before he leaves for work, thanx.* We keep melons on the air vent down there, keeps them cool, seems to work well. It's the coldest part of the floor in the whole house.

This post is boring me to tears. Hang on. Ok, I'ma go do stuff, you guys go do stuff, too.

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