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Monday, August 22, 2016


Minecraft. My entire weekend was a Mo Creatures marathon. I learned how to cinfo on chests and doors to find out who made them and then check player stats to see if they're still active. We also spent some time pushing a flying horse off someone else's land, since once you dismount you can't put the pet back into an amulet or get it onto a leash on land that is otherwise claimed. I'd never been there before and it was very beautiful work, so I'll be going back soon to really look it over. Basically, this is one of my neighbors next to the huge abandoned castle I'm currently bunking down in. This building is just a tiny part of the experience. I love running around other people's work, it's like being able to run around inside paintings, and ultimately, other people's heads.

Among other things, I collected all my movable wealth and organized it to a more centralized location, mapped out all my bunkers and villages, and I'm now connecting them all with tunnels. Remember back in May when I attempted to tunnel underneath the world to 0,0? Well, that's small potatoes now. If we ever need to let outposts go, I'll have my tunnel system, to get back to them without having to fly or parkour over, and eventually I'll have a bridge up over one of the oceans. Other people can build their beautiful towns and join their nations, I'll be quietly networking far flung regions and reaping the wealth of all the wildernesses in between.

No idea. It's not even slowing down. I've gone over all my sources, all I know is that Pinky dotcom is getting slammed, and there is no indication which content curator bots might possibly be involved, so hello new people clicking here from somewhere, and here is your #MondayMotivation. That's right, a pink Kai. There's also a blue one. Click to see and possibly purchase more artwork.

This is my new fave video. I keep telling you guys you're not alone. We're not alone.

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