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Friday, August 26, 2016


The shock wave of the century went out yesterday afternoon in moc chat while I was playing, and did I call it or what? Their server will be upgrading sometime in the next couple of weeks and everything everyone has built on that server will be wiped out, so we're all racing around getting screen caps and vids. My obsessive screen shotting and vidding all along doesn't seem like a waste of time any more, does it? Some people have been building on there for several years and their stuff is fantastically creatively beautiful. Not one speck of it will be salvageable except in screen shots. However, I am very much looking forward to being among the new 'original' bunch starting fresh on the upgrade in a couple of weeks. Rumor whispered something about creative, but I hope it'll still be survival with certain mob controls.

Haven't been saying much, but I'm sure some of you correctly suspect that it's time for a nasty fibro flare on top of the super ragweed allergies this week. There's also some family stuff, so I'm mostly not even home lately. It was actually pretty wild that I happened to catch the first announcement about the server upgrade, because I had logged on to keep myself from laying down and falling asleep and was barely on for 20 minutes when I had to abruptly log off for this other thing going on, which I'd have missed if I had fallen to #napclub with my phone muted, just one of those really synchronous days.

This was my last big fun challenge on the existing moc. After this happened, I finished a tunnel system between several far flung outposts and was about to go under to network a couple more in, but I see no point in that now. In the upgrade I'll run into fossils, which will be cool. This vid is very short.

This video is horribly horribly well timed right now in too many ways. I'm not sure if you'll see me on the webs for a few days.

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