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Sunday, August 7, 2016

important things

I don't even bother wearing armor any more. I've taken over 20 arrows at a time without croaking off, so big deal, Neal.

Had a huge twitter weekend yadayada, sure you guys are tired of hearing about it. I think the more important thing is that dishes and laundry are done and we ate awesome food and watched Keanu. Also, Scott and I are trying to figure out a plan about writing down all the things in case one of us croaks off, because we see people around us *ahem* not planning, and I've already been through getting my dad through bankruptcy after strokes took my mom down too fast to asplain her banking/billing system, so me and @bonenado wanna be hoopy froods for our own kids and get our hipster down with living wills and lists of bills and accounts and insurances and stuffs.

You know I'm good for it.

There are a jillion things I can think to write about, but the most important thing is that I discovered I completely missed the cocoa pasta revolution before I developed a wheat allergy and a carb processing problem.

And this. Back in my 20s in my college days, I usually wore jeans and oxfords with lace anklets and didn't care if none of that went with whatever top I threw on, which was usually something button up and as neutrally a-femme as possible yet still nice (one of my fave tops was solid shiny jet black, the other I called my 'puke shirt', a neo-Native American geo art in bright primary colors that usually had people tuck and rolling for cover, and in between I was in my awesome red and white Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt). I smashed several decades together long before it was cool (dang, it was the 80s), could probably call it 'granny punk' or something. It really ticked people off for some reason, especially a woman in one class who finally cornered me and told me she HATED MY SOCKS.

Those socks are back. I could've blown a hundred dollars last week, but I held it down to 3 pair, and these are really conservative compared to the Victorian lace I used to wear, and I used to pay a lot more and looked hard to find socks like these. The yellow pair are so comfortable I wore them for nearly 48 hours straight before I finally took them off.

Also back then I was one of the first people to start mismating earrings, too, a long dangly on one side and a short different color on the other side, so the mismate thing just goes way back with me.

And of course, among my top 3 most important things this weekend is minecraft, right? The story behind this vid is a long one, but here goes. I'm working in unclaimed territory on multiplayer, currently getting this pillaged and long abandoned village fixed up, and about the time I start seeing unreadable name bars through the sand beneath me, players are getting interrogated and banned for using xray to dig straight to diamonds, so I assumed they were digging out the ores beneath me before I could annex a claim on it since I was working there. I really didn't care, what I'm doing right now doesn't need anything from mining besides iron and coal, so I just let it be for awhile. But today I got curious... So I went out a little ways from the village and started digging down until I hit a shaft, and started lighting it up and looking around. Dang if I didn't run right into a skelly spawner. I've handled a dozen spider spawners by now, and glassed off a zombie spawner beneath the town's main house, but this is my first skeleton spawner. I didn't know they'd do this till I saw it, but it didn't take long for them to get overexcited and accidentally shoot each other trying to shoot me, and then all hell would break loose, and as they shot each other, health bars showed up above their heads, and I was all like ohhhh, that's what I was seeing through the sand... So I ran video while I glassed it off, and it might seem a little boring until you see me accidentally fall right in there with them, lol. It's long, so don't force yourself, ok? But it's not something you see every day, even when you minecraft all the time.

Important things are important. We get carried away thinking the news feeds and social media feeds and entertainment feeds are important. We are important. Our lives are important. What we enjoy is important. Who we are when we like ourselves is important.

Plz to go like who you are while I enjoy this pretty song.

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