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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

sad to see you go

Whadaya do when you find out a multiplayer server is about to be wiped for an upgrade? You put all your luxury blocks on display! I know, it's dorky and not the bigger deal it would have eventually been- a demonic temple of doom sitting on the platform over hell, under which the most terrifying of mobs howl around. Yes, emerald, diamond, lapis, iron, and gold blocks. Obsidian. All that redstone... Imagine it much taller with horns of fire spouting from pillars on the rooftop corners. This looks really bland compared to what I see in my head, more like the Golden Dragon restaurant in a town by me.

I've still got stacks of obsidian left. It's the black stuff, nearly unbreakable. I've also got enough redstone left to keep going way higher into a pointy tower if I want. I was originally picturing a sort of Eye of Sauron kind of thing. Maybe on the upgrade...

Plans going into the new server are to pummel a bunch of trees down as fast as I can before I go under, and then diagonally mine super way out under all the biomes until I get to some good ones without a bunch of building already going on. I can pop back out for food and more trees, but goal is to hoard materials in a stash bunker until I can claim my own land. One of the super mods that beta tested said the map is 90,000 square blocks, so plenty of room, and includes all the latest biome tweaks and new mobs and blocks and stuff.

Here is my last flyover vid.

I've got lots more, and I'm sad about losing my evil lair with my spider spawner conference room and movie theater and that cool mausoleum style house with the giant chessboard floor and the koch curve style chandelier that looks kind of hyperpolychoron-y when you walk under it, but those things can be recreated. I think my friend's tower is the awesomest, and I've got walk through vids and stills so it's not all lost. My pride and joy was networking an 8000+ block tunnel system connecting our far flung outposts and getting into village and temple restoration and preservation. If I had been on there for 4 years like a few other people, at least one of my villages would have developed into a fantastical spaceport complete with Jetsons and other futuristic stuffs. Really looking forward to growing rich and prolific on the upgrade.

Meanwhile, back to physical therapy. I missed one last week because stuff, kiddo got the all clear yesterday, so big reliefs and moving on, and me doing recovery and housekeeping for another big weekend. Might be Bunny's last swim weekend with Papa before the community pool gets drained for the winter, don't know yet if we'll cook out, but maybe I'll pick up some ribs and stuff just in case.

Been counting dimes making sure I can keep all my things going, and this year I put Lexx ahead of my own stuff financially, been a little tight. I've decided I need at least one more 5 subject spiral, need to line up my ducks and get super on top of my nickels the rest of the year if I want to keep my stuff floating. The holiday slide is upon us. If you're new to me, it's a Chutes and Ladders kind of lifestyle, where the entire autumn and winter season is like the depression roller coaster turning into a wild plunge ride down a crazy water slide or something, and you just hang on for dear life while all the pretty dazzle flies by and hope you don't drown at the end when you launch off New Year's and taxes are due. I was telling someone lately that a couple of years ago the govt tried to sue me for student loan default (after years of attempted compliance for loan forgiveness for complete disability- see Dear Gregory), and now we have to file injured spouse every year so that can't happen again, because our entire federal tax return was illegally garnished and we've never been able to get it back. THAT was going to pay our propane for the year. Really scraped pulling that money up, thanx govt.

Anyway, offence is the best defence, right? I try to prepare as much as I can way ahead of time, because I'm usually stressed out enough by mid October to start slipping, and by Thanksgiving I'm usually in full brain glitch. Last year was interesting because it didn't happen for the first time in more than a decade, but I launched back into glitchy mode when it all caught up with me around last Feb, and I've been hovering on a brink ever since, sometimes super with it and on top of all the things, sometimes batty as a fruitcake and people having to correct me. Just yesterday I mentioned the yogurt thing...

Here you go, back to school. Later, guys.

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