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Thursday, August 18, 2016

My top best tweets according to favstar

These all click back to original source. They move around a bit, so this is an 'as of this moment' kind of thing. Yes, I'm distracting myself because nothing else is working. Carry on.

1. 12 days ago

2. 131 days ago (still facepalming over not saying hit the button or thrown the switch)

3. 881 days ago

4. 920 days ago

5. 460 days ago

6. 920 days ago

7. 784 days ago

8. 152 days ago

9. 967 days ago

10. 661 days ago (extra points if you heard Randy Marsh go 'ahhhh' after that, bonus points if you visualized him kneeling)

11. 88 days ago (you see why I couldn't stop at 10...) (inside joke, pond of death stuff)

12. 460 days ago (I know there are ppl who've gotten way more out of this pic, but I was probably the first to hashtag it, nyahnyah)

13. 906 days ago

14. 899 days ago

15. 930 days ago

16. 385 days ago

17. 1013 days ago (I didn't mind a bit that Bonnie Burton quote ripped this and stole my tiny thunder because Jeri Ryan replied to a tweet with my name in it)

18. 102 days ago

I've gotta stop there, I can barely focus on toggling any more, much less sizing and correct linking.

Ok, if you don't have twitter (and even if you do), Favstar looks like a big waste of time. It has its own wild bunch of super tweeters and it's a really big deal if a favstar user actually follows you. Most of the favstar bunch higher on the food chain get fantastic numbers on their best stuff, and a lot of them bring originality and wit that I could never aspire to. It's like a game of intellect. The really cool thing about Favstar, though, is that it will let you do something extremely difficult to do with any other twitter tools or filters, and that's find your oldest tweets. I originally downloaded my twitter log to be able to see them, but when I discovered Favstar automatically takes you right to them as part of its subscription service, I was hooked. Why, you ask, because expensive. Yeah, but you can also see everyone else's oldest tweets, too. Wanna see the your friends at their noobiest? Plenty of facepalm out there, and it's all findable with Favstar.

I receive no compensation from Favstar to say any of that, and I'm probably horribly misrepresenting their sales tagline, so I don't in any way speak for Favstar. I just really like it and it was a good distraction today. And it's fun comparing it to twitter analytics. For instance, this currently ranks 31st on Favstar

and this ranks 36, but this was from before twitter analytics, so I never see it there. Favstar is pretty much the root of twitter analytics without all those silly impressions in the way.

I'm not good at viral tweets, and I have friends who regularly score higher just having convos, so what I did here is nothing to brag about, but perhaps it's my morbid little way of saying "I was here".

I'm in total brain fry now, so I may not come back for awhile. I'm hoping I can sleep or something.

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