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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

perfect day

"My idea of the perfect hell is for the person you are now to meet the person you could have been."

This pic clicks to a user profile on a game site. I was looking for something else and ran into it.

Pink and blue together is a big deal. It seems to exquisitely depict emotional clash. Once you become aware of it, you see it used a lot in all kinds of artwork that way.

Pink and blue together is also very peaceful and mysterious, especially when you see it in photographs or artwork of the sky and space.

what does that even mean?
I guess it's statistically my turn for crap delivery, last 2 packages delivered (one UPS, one USPS) from two different national warehouses arrived not just damaged but one shattered like it fell off a high rise building and the other snapped in half like it had been run over in someone's driveway. Since a pair of fashion sunglasses made it here all the way from Shanghai in great shape without any extra special protection, I guess I'm getting my package abuse quota out of the way, which means holidays will be awesome this year. Last Christmas, a box I sent out got delivered to the wrong house and wasn't recovered until that family got back from holiday vacation. I'm actually ok with the damages, because the Soap DVDs inside the completely broken case are somehow just fine, and I had no idea that cool seashell toilet seat (scroll way down) would break that easily, and we've got a 3 year old showing up around here slamming the lids around. If that had happened instead of in transit, I wouldn't have been able to go after a refund.

For someone who spiked a 102 temp over the weekend and broke out into blisters (doctor verified hand-foot-mouth), Bunny was a nonstop pistol yesterday, so it was like being back on any kind of service job on a super busy day where you skip breaks and even lunch for 6 hours straight, and then Papa came home half a day and they went outside for an hour and came in worn out, and then sudden blissful silence when a nap finally took her hostage. Most of my day was like this.

No idea yet if daycare will be a thing today, so I can't help being up early just in case. My brain actually woke me up around 2 asking to be brined in coffee and I told it to shut up and tried to go back to sleep, but the *bing* was strong and now here we are at 3, letting coffee do magical things.

This is the first time something I've submitted has been officially scheduled.

Post #6257 "thank goodness there is an Autisable!" was scheduled ... It will be published on August 21, 2016 at 12:05 pm This action was taken on August 13, 2016 at 12:11 pm America/New_York

Originally published 5-22-09, linked back to it from twitter 12 days ago when Autisable finally went live again after server move and then host migration, and now to be officially vetted and republished on an (inter)nationally networked nonprofit community of thousands that has received 100K hits, if I'm remembering a tweet or FB status correctly. From their LinkedIn description-

Connecting the Autism Community, providing a place where people learn and discuss all issues surrounding the Autism Spectrum.

Autism effects 1 in 54 people worldwide.

Xanga.com launched Autisable.com in May of 2009. Autisable, LLC took over the site in July of 2016.

If you are a writer and are syndicated on Autisable, feel free to add yourself as an Employee. However, please also include your syndicated blog on your account as a reference.

Don't think I'll be adding myself as an 'employee', but hopefully I'll get a couple more things submitted this year.

omg, sudden #coffeefail. I may hafta go lay back down for a few minutes. I need to be dressed and ready to head out around 5:30 if Bunny wakes up with a fever again, so I don't have much time to close my eyes. This song has been in my head the last 24 hours because Bunny. I've come to really appreciate the sparkle of high energy people since this is the second one now I'm helping get through tiny childhood.

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