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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ciao, I got to mambo

My gut instinct is solidly sliced right down the middle. Stay out here, fold up shop, stay out here, fold up shop... Stupid instinct, so I bypassed that and asked my actual gut what to do, and it said, "Nachos!" and cheers went up across the land.

Then I discovered there's such a thing as pink tortilla chips

but pink dip turns out to be sour creamish stuff, usually with fruit, so NO on the pink cheese. After several pages of awesome nacho pix, though, I'm inspired to do much more with mine in future.

Sometimes being able to say you're having a really great week is all about walling off a zombie spawner room in glass, and then using coordinates to find where it lies beneath the village you're working on, and then creating a cool zombie fight arena. I got killed so many times so fast trying to accomplish this that I finally just let it go and grabbed all new tools and materials and snuck back in on a different side. (Zombies can pick up your tools, and they kept weaponizing every time I died until just showing up only took 2 seconds to get killed again.) I can't even imagine what the other players thought. They're chatting away about taming pets and building houses and going on adventures to find wyverns or figuring out how to set up larger more efficient farming, talking about pink dolphins and enchanted tools and someone locking a chest, and I'm interrupting chat with "YabloVH died" every 10 seconds over and over. I even made armor, what a waste. In the end, I wound up with a pretty awesome set up. OOOH, I should make a little pool of water on the side so they can all go stand in it and not burn up during the day. I bet I could get a hundred zombies spawned before it's all over.

This is after all the work I've done so far.

I've actually been doing really well getting my workouts back on track this week, in case you think I'm still blowing it, which is pretty huge after at least 6 weeks of workout fail. Also staying caught up with basic chores fairly easily, got my money and calendar syncs done without any problems, seem to be having an easier time remembering stuff and reading in general. Also, the TV thing during the day is definitely keeping me on a time awareness track. I decided to marathon the old Soap series, but I've only got the first 2 seasons out of 4. Until I get my hands on 3 & 4, I may never know what happened with Burt and the UFO. And I just got the last two for way cheaper than the first two I got in a Walmart bin. I love Amazon. Anyway, I've done ep 1 so far, great actor spotting kind of stuff. My fave is Richard Mulligan. There was a Soap Reunion last year, and yes, that site I just linked is for the unauthorized book about the making of the series, which you can get from Amazon. Not paid to link that. Just a fan.

"From its tumultuous beginnings in 1977 to its end by firing squad - on screen and off - Soap was as passionate and controversial as the times in which it was made. During its four-year run, it tackled sex, death, depression and infidelity, all with a wit and gentleness never before seen on American television. Throughout that time, a vocal minority hounded the sitcom and parent network ABC over its perceived irreverence toward the mores of a declining generation, even as the real world was convulsed by terrorism, energy crises, and fallout from the Vietnam conflict and governmental malfeasance. For the first time ever, Soap: The Unauthorized Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules takes you behind the scenes, from the producers' battles with network censors over an earlier series, to the creation of enduring story lines such as the death of Peter Campbell, and Burt's abduction by aliens. Based on interviews with nearly 30 members of the cast and crew, this book offers an extensive examination of each episode, and may finally reveal the societal forces that really led to the series' premature demise."

I was still in high school when it started, so of course I didn't get to watch it, just like I didn't get to watch Saturday Night Live. I caught just enough quick snatches to realize it was MY KIND OF SHOW, so years later I jumped on it when I saw it in a Walmart bin. If for no other reason, this series is a must if you are a Billy Crystal fan.

And he's the perfect send off today. Have a good one.

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