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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

check your self assessments at the door

I've talked about google masking, and some of you have become so brilliant with it that you think you're completely invisible. Well... these are how other bloggers handle incoming.



I've had a steady flow of hourly/daily/weekly traffic for years. It's easy to misunderstand trackers and mistake a friend lurking for a weirdo stalker, and I freely admit I once very accidentally had a friend cease and desisted. Yes, actually. Since then I've backed off on the IP game, but a few of you do need to know that just because you are masked doesn't mean your IP isn't lit up like neon all over a tracker, and that it seems unusually obsessive and ties in nicely to specific blog dates. Yes, there are several, not just one, so it's nothing terribly personal, but I do think 'regular readers' are being far outpaced by a handful of 'consumed with what Pinky is doing' *cough*fans*cough*.

The people who just went on alert thinking it's them- it's not you. Seriously, I know the people who will do that, and it's not you. This isn't anything bad, it isn't upsetting me, but I think it's only fair that a few regulars kind of know this happens in case I trigger again. I'll try to hold it down to Pond of Death and keep it private. Regulars also need to know this is common. This happens all the time all over the internet in every form of media, and I knew coming back out I would need to be psychologically prepared to handle being so visible.

I share because
  • I hope I'm good for people
  • so I don't have to talk on the phone repeating stuff to individuals
  • I need the public awareness for the kind of support system and safety net I've constructed around myself
  • I have disappeared before without explanation and upset a few people
"We scare because we care."

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