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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

apocalypse prices, everything must go

~Tues, 4:30 p.m.~

You know you obsess about minecraft when you wake up from a 3-hour #napclub dream that includes looking up a help page on how to make the latest fashion design from the #safari16 collection, and I had decided I like the 'diamond dust' white and sky blue striated blouse, which requires 4 blocks of white wool (you can get other colors of wool on Mo Creatures) around a diamond. And then the dream continued onward and I found myself thumbing through memes, and there was this funny one I had to grab about #Oreprah...

Srsly, guys.

Finally caught up with Riv, who was changing all the signs in the shop. I think if we have a shop on the new server we should start out silly. I really like this. You might run across an old sign here or there, before everything went on sale for a penny.

If you're a minecrafter, see if you can figure out what you'd be buying in this warp store. If you're not a minecrafter, there are over 30 pix here, just scroll real fast to the next day and then cue the music.

Totally dig the feral grandmothers, lol.

Caught this in the middle of conversion.

My fave.

We had a slave trade going, sold villagers.


Remember my realization yesterday that my pain spikes might be histamine spike related? Imagine my validation when I looked up the actual pollen count in our area.

I had also been concerned about several different weird 'dizzy' rushes last couple days and was trying not to think everything bad about nerve disorder causes when it hit me it was probably just sinus infection and/or super fluid filled ears. I'm so used to the ridiculous amounts of pain I'm having that I could be experiencing a raging ear infection and never even know it. Oh, you know, ice picks stabbing through my ears into my brain happen all the time, no big deal... Hey, who ate the last brownie?

Back to watching blood pressure because I've been taking my pain med lots more in the last couple of weeks. Mobic is notorious for pumping up blood pressure, and I used to take it only 2-3 days a week, and lately it's 3-4 days in a row and then a day off. Yesterday morning was 150/89, so I made sure to skip it, and this morning I'm at 128/82, yay! I may have to take one today, but I'm going to try to get away with skipping tomorrow and get back to my every other day thing. It's just ragweed sex, just look away and keep minecrafting...

I live in the heart of International Ragweed Productions. People looking up Native American history around here are always surprised to find there really weren't that many people around this particular area through history, and I'd lay odds it had a lot to do with allergy season being nearly unlivable here. I know so many people doing the allergy shots, living on handfuls of antihistamines, wading through the crud turning into pneumonia every single ragweed season, and some people go through nasty anxiety spikes on top of all that, well, their poor bodies are revving engines pumping adrenaline and stuff up to keep powering through this onslaught of alien sex invasion. Here you go, my other ragweed posts from years past. I was more fun and entertaining back then out of sheer need for distraction because I didn't have minecraft to hide in.

This is probably why Jawn still works just fine after dropping it. I don't know if Jawn quietly told on me and sent in a report or what, but I got a news update on MSI this morning. If you guys are looking for a good laptop, here you go.
Shatter Desktop Performance Cliché
MSI is the leader to launch full-line VR Ready gaming notebooks

Have I done this one yet? Let's go do stuff, guys.

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