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Monday, September 12, 2016

and that is how you lose your back to origin

Took a little break from writing over the weekend to concentrate on practicing my hardcore survival parkour on MoC before the server wipe and we spring forth on the new server. A few others quickly caught on, now that everyone's de-towning and staving off feeling sad about losing all our hard work, and I've had a lot of fun over the last few days hooking up showing off our stuff to each other, teaming up, and strategy planning with a few other players who've been on quite a long time compared to me, but previously lurked more in private chatting.

I've not done multiplayer like this before (i.e. ~social~, lol), so naturally I'm weird and awkward, and thank goodness I had the wit to put Austin's amulet in a chest before I tp'd over to one player's cool stuff and then around my stuff, and then splitting up between my new ocean spot inspiring lighthouse construction from a new friend while I ran off looking for the new village a couple others of us had saved. In the middle of my getting lost and swimming in the wrong direction, I discovered a desert temple half buried on a small island, pulled lighthouse person in, who apparently has loads of experience with such things, and before you know it, I'm standing on big blocks of TNT splitting loot (and the TNT), and then other-person accidentally falling through the one-layer floor into an awesome cave and dying, a shout after respawn for me to tp down with a last second rushed command to shirt first, and next thing you know I'm in lava losing ALL MY STUFF and the TNT blowing the place sky high. I didn't dare /back for anything, naturally, and I was laughing my head off. Shirt? Oh, <shift>, lol. Die hard and learn, as it were. Should've been vidding.

Finally got back to the village, which is already looking like horse town with stables and a mansion on a hilltop looking awesome in the night over the village, so metro (and the villagers love it), and confirmed that yes, I had indeed set my amulet aside, and that was all I even cared about. I immediately hopped on and flew around real good before logging back off.

I left out a lot of nonstop surprises, mostly comedic because I'm so inexperienced with other players, but apparently I'm really good at organizing impromptu action, and you guys already know wherever I am, weird things happen on MoC. I've definitely got to recreate the giant platform on new MoC, because a new friend died there so fast just landing her fairy horse and I was already being attacked as I dismounted. (Hi, come over and see my place, oooh, sorry about the dying part...) So when I say the platform over hell itself, I really do mean THE PLATFORM OVER  HELL ITSELF. Leave it to me to figure out how to crank up the aggressive mobs around a demonic temple, even if it does look like a Chinese restaurant because I was in a hurry because the server is going to be wiped.

Ok, here's the thing. I was getting video, I thought I turned it off about 7 minutes in, not sure why it kept running and how I didn't even notice until it finally went off automatically at an hour. This took all night to load, but it's actually pretty neat, especially at the very first where all the awesome flying horses are (there's a galaxy horse!), and since that's why I got the vid in the first place and meant to turn it off, it won't hurt my feelings a bit if you don't watch the entire thing. But if you do watch (and it's really not bad, I was with someone seeing stuff) about 25 minutes in you see me facepalming over doing the unthinkable- losing my /back option. I had delhome'd that huge abandoned castle I occupied for weeks in favor of sethome-ing the new ocean bunker, which takes 3 days and 2 nights at the very least to fly to because it's so far away (we're talking a solid hour of flying, real time) (yeah, YOU press a button for an hour, it sux, plus I had to emergency land in a lightning storm and several other things, died a couple times and lost my place and had to start over) so around 26, if you watch this vid, that is some pretty furious thinking going on while I was walking around getting some chocolate chips and making a cup of tea in real life, and then I get going again around 32. I will never ever ever be clever and install fancy buttons on a server I can't tp around at will by coordinates, unless I'm constructing a trap. I love that tower, but that elevator button was my bane. Ok, lost my thought. Oh, yeah, I hadn't yet sethome because even though I was THERE, I got interrupted and thought Oh, I'll be back in a jif, no probs... So yeah, you get to see me starting all over again after the furious thinking during the quiet part, getting completely distracted by another village discovery around 45, but then the vid auto-offed before I finished the trip, so you don't see me get there because I feel it is my civic duty to light up and repair villages... I'm getting really good at village restoration and preservation, getting faster and more efficient every time, actually manage to keep villagers alive. At 52 I home to a previously beautifully restored desert village that had already been abandoned to get some supplies to bring back. Turns out you guys miss the best part. That new village that distracted me was right next to the absolutely most beautiful flowered forest I've ever seen in all my singleplayers, realms, and this multiplayer server, and I just stood there stunned seeing something no one else had. It was everything I dreamed, with the perfect extreme cave in the background, horses, forests like parks, ponds. It was like a biome blend, several gently stirred together into just the right consistency, and it's about to be wiped out forever. No griefed abandoned trash left by other players, no chunky house or petting zoo in the way, no castle or other showy buildings. Just a dreamscape not yet filled in, kicked around, wadded up, and thrown away. I was very sad to leave it after I fixed the village up.

And in case that sounds boring and you like the analytics reports better, I'd like to thank the eyes on twitter who made my personal tweet link as popular as a tweet to Russell Yuen that got retweeted by Ellen Dubin. You guys need to go follow them on twitter, they're both interactive. Ellen - Russell Also, Ruth does some really nice interviews and reviews.

Artwork by RJess, who has translated a bit of my Lexx writing into Russian at Lexx Universe, and also moderates the Cryochamber group on VK, which is really cool.

I've got more yap, but this is already long enough. Leave it to synchronicity for a fan to make this new vid just as we're psyching up for the server upgrade.

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