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Friday, September 23, 2016

does not play well with others

Epic facepalm first thing this morning. If anyone else out there is thinking about offering promo swaps in my DMs, like I write a review and you retweet some stuff for me, at least have the decency to look at my actual account and see what it is I'm promoting before you offer to promote junk I'm simply retweeting. Really hard to miss Lexx in the header and bio link. If you've followed me for 2-3 years and don't know by now that I'm the only person on the entire planet purposely gathering a cult TV show into its own hashtag feed, you really need to pop your head out of  your hole and get to know your neighbors a little bit, especially when I've already been promoting you. I'd roll my eyes, but this head cold inhibits me from enjoying it.

One of my fave John Watson lines is "There is a mute button, and I WILL use it." Oh, by the way, once I've muted someone, they can promote all my stuff they want, I'll never know it's happening. There will be absolutely no pressure or guilt to promote you back. I'm not team follow back, I'm not on twitter for your convenience, and I don't play well with others. If I'm retweeting or promoting other people, it's because I genuinely like them or what they're doing, not because someone offered me a deal.

This is day 4 of the head cold from hell. I know people all over the United States who are in about the same stage of it that I am. We all agree this is about the worst and stupidest cold virus we've ever had. It feels like eardrum death but there's no sign of ear infection. It feels like a taffy machine broke down in our heads, but there's no sign of sinus infection. It feels like strep, but there's no sign of strep. I even had an influenza swab because I spiked a sweet fever, but there's no sign of that, either. This is like a stealth bomb that goes off inside your head and spins you into the dark side of the Force so fast that you wonder where the Sith robes came from.

In case you don't facebook, I did a throwback Thursday yesterday, so it can be a flashback Friday here. These are from about the mid 80s, on a just shy of 200 acre farm. The people before us raised long buildings of turkeys, Dad converted it to a cattle ranch. In the 4th pic down, that's a gas tank on the far left. We gassed up our cars on property. The little girl at very bottom is Batman's mama now.

Time to focus. Despite being a gummed up sticky brain with a bad attitude, I've pulled some pretty cool stuff out of my brain hat this last week. I've done more actual digging and organizing in the last 2 weeks than I have in months, all because I decided to buy new spirals and started listing things I'd like to get done. Every little bitty thing. Pick one, takes 5 minutes or maybe half an hour. Little by little those are stacking up into what feels like a ton of stuff getting done. Yesterday I went through 4 sacks of mobile office dump from the last 6 months and got all my paperwork into folders in date order (thank you, awesome back to school supplies), so now all my EOBs from Part B, Part F, Part D, and medical visit printouts are out of envelopes, stapled, and segregated into their own pockets. It feels good. I should probably pick up a few more folders before they clearance out of stock and then go back to ridiculously high prices.

As scattered as my life has felt for awhile, I keep reminding myself I've gotten all my paperwork handed back in, I'm on top of all my health maintenance, pretty stable with my calendar and money sync although that has started slipping again this month, and staying caught up with dishes and laundry. I'm wanting to keep going through all the stuff that has been and keeps getting shoved aside for other things going on in this house and just get it DONE. For years I've dropped everything I'm doing for other people having crises, and I've got documentation in blogs proving it was often weekly for several years, and to be handling my own stuff on top of all that required sacrifice, and that meant allowing my home life to skid into chaotic mass dumping of my own stuff to make way for everything from major furniture and box storage, major baby and toddler time, major leaving the house a LOT making sure others were getting what they need medically, and point blank, it can get pretty depressing looking around and thinking that line of crazy piles of stuff has been sitting behind my bed for 6 years, and every time I drag any of it out and start organizing, the phone rings or people walk in the door on short or no notice.

Every. Time.

Not saying that's a bad thing, because people in our lives means we're loved and important in their lives. Just saying it's creepy weird how perfectly timed it always seems to be.

My goal in this house before I die (hopefully many more years, but so tongue in cheek because dang if those piles in the basement have been shoved out of the way nearly my entire 23 year marriage) is to go through ALL this stuff so other people won't have to after I die. I've seen others go through that, especially saw how it affected my mom when her mom died, and then us going through Mom's stuff, and I just can't see doing that to my own husband and kids, you know? All this junk, years and years of supposedly important stuff never being sifted through because we're always taking care of something else. And then I finally got a couple years of sorta semi quiet spells between crazy weeks or weekends and fell into that weird life review abyss and still wasn't getting that stuff done. Well, now it's getting done.

And no, I don't have time to stop and write a review for a book I didn't choose to read, even though I've seen it come through my feed a thousand times. What I do the rest of my life is for *me*, and I very much doubt I bug people to do me favors once my own stuff is published, which could take another 5 years at this rate. Original plan didn't include my kids having kids or consider aging parent and spouse stuff. Real life comes first.

I'm blaming all my bad attitude on this obnoxious gunk in my head. Don't worry, I've been displacing it into minecraft. I'm working on Potatohoe off an on, a world we know very little about except through 3 astronauts in 1 episode of Lexx, so I'm kind of toying around with the usual Lexx motif of smashing high tech with low culture. My Potatohoe world in my Planeta de Yablo realm will have space ports and lots of weird hillbilly stuff. It's very relaxing. This is just a tiny glimpse into one of very many things going on.

That's right, we don't know if that's how they actually grow their people, and we never find out. After seeing the other abandoned worlds retaining vestiges of experimental bio science, I'm going to bet that the bioviziers had discovered a way to combine human and plant DNA and were experimenting with human production for the feeding and growth of both the Lexx and the slave population across the League of 20,000. I seem to be developing a deeper mythos through minecraft, already on its way to a whole backstory. At any rate, along with so many other little planets, Potatohoe was a bit forgotten until those 3 astronauts ran into the Lexx.

Potatohoe and Krikkit are my 2 fave planets in all of science fiction.

Did I mention I've learned the 'fill' command? I've learned the fill command.

You guys didn't see me get wildly distracted for an hour. I need to keep focusing on time passing before I'm running out the door last minute.

All you fun fans smashing allthethings, what you don't yet realize is it all started with Lexx. Some of you are into Doctor Who being the one behind the other brilliant faces, well, where did the Timelords come from?

If you've not yet seen the far reaching consequences of the bioviziers under His Shadow, you have no idea how deep this can really go...

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