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Saturday, September 17, 2016

tightening up the ol' tag cloud

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Not paid to link that, not a book reviewer, but as per my self-appointed syllabus homework this fall, I'm doing book reports.

Winter Morgan has written a number of Minecraft adventure story books, as listed on Amazon, available in paperbook, and both audio and Kindle, and at least one translated into German.

Zombie Invasion is targeted for the 7-12 age range, but meemaws just discovering Minecraft can also enjoy this simple, quick, yet tense story about a very excited Lucy getting ready to go to school at Minecraft Academy. She must leave familiar friends behind and meet new friends, but before they can settle into their new classes, the Academy is attacked and all the students must band together to discover who is griefing and setting mobs loose to terrorize the school. I can't reveal who it is because that is spoilers, but fortunately, Lucy happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to catch the vital clues, and manages to lead the students to victory even though they don't believe her at first.

As a meemaw on the second round of future spawn, lol, I think this is a great back to school story without a lot of complexity in the way. This could be beneficial to parents of younger children who feel a bit nervous and need some book time without too much added information. Lucy's worries about transitioning to a new environment and the impacts of social misunderstandings might even be great lead-ins for parents who would like for their children to discuss their own feelings a little more.

This book review is also posted at SyfyDesigns.


This week, thanks to my new syllabus and new multi-subject spirals, I've been getting more 'work' done. I just posted that book review, I got a couple of posts submitted to Autisable (plz to note I'm currently the featured writer, woot!), I got a key fandom webmaster's artwork info linked up between facebook and twitter (and it was retweeted by 2 celebrities, so woot! again), and all this during more rigorous physical therapy and Bunny stuff and getting my gaming organized and my house in order.

Just inserting a public reminder that anything I write up for anyone is my prerogative and not compensated in any form, and that I do what I can as I can. I've been contacted by several interested parties for 'services', none of which is paid (I turn down payment and funding offers when I get them), and I'm not writing on other people's agendas to become 'someone'. I already am someone, and because of that, I have world readership across a variety of blog and site hosts. Since I am unpaid and doing this with full disability (which I've never said like this anywhere else except right here right now on my personal Pinky blog), I refuse to feel guilty for not producing content. In fact, I've been pushed pretty hard behind the scenes a few times this year and purposely balked just because I was pushed, because that is how aspienado works. Some of you would be surprised who I've been ignoring.

The Walking Dead Live Tweet Review has come up with a few people. As driving web traffic goes, that was a really fun adventure, but a lot of work at the behest of other work I'd rather have gotten done. I enjoy live tweeting The Walking Dead, but I cannot currently say I'd be able to make a solid commitment because there's so much going on behind scenes here again that I'm not sure I'll even get TV access when I want it, even with 2 TVs in the house, plus I share router networking, and I'm not seeing a benefit yet to pumping more cash out of pocket into boosting up to business level wifi service for a free writing gig. I also purchased, out of pocket, a software program that allowed me to access shared files for a writing project, and I was feeling so rough at the time I should have just said no. I love that I'm offered sweet opportunities, and if my life were different I'd be all over this stuff, but I think if I want to get my own stuff going again, it's crucial that I learn to say no.

I've written before about one of my biggest conundrum's being the interruptions that keep me from getting more done faster, but I've also demonstrated that those interruptions and challenges are what make me who I am and my life more bearable as a valuable person on this planet. I see so many people sharing across social media how lonely they are, their lives are so empty and they are so sad, and guys, get out of those chairs and volunteer somewhere if you are needing real life real time social networking that badly. There are so many places that accept volunteers. I used to dream of being a volunteer in a big hospital as I got older, well, I can't even do that now, sadly, but at least I have family splatting my world silly and I don't resent that one bit. They are the only connection I have most of the time to real people since I don't work or get out much. Finding people to share real life with involves putting up with a bit of not perfect stuff and negotiating your way around all kinds of rubbing the wrong way, but in the end, it feels better having other warm bodies around than feeling like your place is so empty that you'd die if you didn't at least have a pet. Being good for other people is a great way to feel more fulfilled in this life.

Btw, if email subs suddenly get stray reruns showing up out of the blue, I'm tightening up tags, and sometimes hitting update queues those old posts for subscription service again. I'm currently noticing I've been using #amwriting, amwriting, and am writing tags, which would better be collected into the tag used most so far, which is #amwriting, and doing that eliminates excessive tags in my tag cloud, yay!

Sorry, got a little carried away. It's been a long night and might wind up being a long weekend, but I'm glad to hug my Bunny. We had a sleepover last night, and she wanted eggs...

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