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Friday, September 16, 2016

Pinky crack

omg, that title alone will hit paydirt in a search engine...

That was defcon level coffee. Ready for my day now, which requires more physical therapy and the moving of mountains, both metaphorically and metaphorically.

My latest addition to Planeta de Yablo is a creative only world, no mobs. I am recreating world spawn and will spread out across the planet, similar to ongoing construction in Texarkana. That's a weird inside joke that you'll probably only get if you've driven through Texarkana in the last ten years. Or live there. And the fun part is I've named this world Potatohoe. It will be similar to the isolated world of Krikkit. I started a spaceport idea long ago on a Pinky world (I think) and then promptly lost it because I didn't write down the coordinates, and I'd like to continue that idea. Anyway, I may struggle with trying to replicate a giant potato on that golden worldspawn room. The tower to the left will become the space elevator. Don't worry, haven't even gotten to the actual spaceport theme yet, completely different futuristic look to it. This is the basic homage to the World Potato and a spaceport elevator tour in a tourist mecca. Don't forget, I live in the heart of hillbilly + tourism. As someone living 4 miles (as the crow flies) from the National Tiger Sanctuary and a gamut of zipline, helicopter, and hot air balloon tours over an expanse of ruggedly forested gluttony that includes Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, I feel qualified to create Potatohoe.

I'm actually kind of stuck on a problem in the first world (I get 3 in my realm). I had pulled my deeply scarring and emotionally wringing experiences of singleplayer StarrStrukk into realm, switching from survival to creative, but I've recently switched back to survival for sploit to practice in while we chat and totally boinked up some of the admin commands, so now I've got to go back in there and apply tutorial research to straightening my mess out. But not today.

I've lately gotten so spread out in minecraft singleplayers, realm worlds, and multiplayer that I've decided playing minecraft is like eating candy on Halloween. ALL THE CANDY, right? I finally calmed down a little and wiped out all my singleplayer worlds. I have all the survival a person could want in multiplayer, and cool stuff to do on a friend's realm (includes story mode and mini games), so I am focusing my own realm on quiet creativity when I need to escape into my aspie cave. No pressures. Plus I need to get back into the cool redstone tutorials.

Word just in that the other metaphorical mountain moving might not happen today, so I'll continue to move other little mountains around my house instead.

Third cup of coffee (my bad), little cuppa yogurt (my good), laundry folded and time to get ready to truck out the door.

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