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Saturday, September 24, 2016

rub some bacon on Doctor Strange

Written late yesterday afternoon. Skip if you hate anything stats.

I think my favorite thing about statcounter is that it'll totally believe everything about you is in another country, including your hardware and software equipment and hosting and user service, and then blandly point blank say incoming from this city and state in the U.S. that is completely unrelated to Mountain View Google, Facebook, or any other massive bot referral masking system, and then I know the user manually adjusted the IP to look out of country. If everything about the IP is too matchy, that's a mask. A normal person with the usual stuff can ping up to 5 IP locations hitting a page because everything your system uses from hard drive to wifi IDs with its own ping, and out of country using almost anything chrome or google and especially a translator pings through Mountain View, and then Facebook has a couple main locations that I know is FB routing the ping before I even see referral address. Anyway, I waited a few weeks to see if this would happen again, because one day they got a little Pinky happy and I didn't wanna scare them off, but I guess not.

So here's what happened. They thought they were masking, but their corporate network pinged and I was able to easily look up that corporate HQ street address and phone number in the heart of Orange County, so this whole "I'm from Canada" thing is stupid. Also, it kind of looks like they might have bids out to national defense gigs, among other things, so basically I think I'm looking at players covering a hacking organization with a security front.

By the way, a Brazil association also came up, other people discussing this in forums, so another clue for the ol' Pinky List. I can't help wondering if this is how and why all these account compromises you hear about with banks and host servers and stuff keep happening. It's like inside jobs from super spies setting up sabotage wait I mean corporate strategy services and bidding out jobs.

Or it could still be this pissy head cold and I'm reading way too much into a few little numbers. You know, because weird. That's all, it's just weird. But I srsly feel more comfortable about Pinky blog being linked through a few porn sites in several countries and Ukraine bots crawling my pages than I do about pretend I'm from Canada while I ping your blog over and over for no rhyme or reason thing. Actually, kinda miss those Ukraine bots. I wonder what happened. Maybe they got bored, or my site mapping got too overwhelming, bcuz over 700 posts now with a million links. Or maybe someone got caught... o_o awwww.


I've already got 36 points from LeGarrette Blount in Thursday's game, woot! Week 3 in #SnarkFF (Snarkalecs Fantasy Football) and I'm up against Mandie, who has a fun fashion blog at pinkhairfloosie.com that I enjoy checking out. Click her pic to see lots more.

The swan thing at the top clicks to the facebook convo, also made an earlier tweet. Still not sure why that called to me, unless it's a retro design triggering a childhood memory of somewhere I've been.

So, MacGyver last night. I wanna say it was awesome, but I was still able to tweet through it, so it's on awesome-reserve. I'm more on edge with South Park's new drama this fall as Skank Hunt's 'reign of terror goes global'. Honestly, I had missed seeing this last ep when I wrote my troll post, had no idea how perfectly timed that was. If I had seen it before I wrote that, I'd have used South Park memes instead of those other ones. Love me some Dr. Ken. I think that entire cast is fantastic. We actually dropped a scifi show for Dr. Ken, so that's saying something. Superstore is our other laugh candy. Dina is my spirit animal, very well played by the stunning Lauren Ash. I may hafta keep track of her for some memes in my future. The real star with us this week is the new Lethal Weapon series. Not very many drama movie series get me hooked, but I'm a hardcore everything Lethal Weapon fan, and I thought they did an outstanding job casting and filming and getting that story rolling again.

No idea how I'm going to keep up with all the TV coming up. There's too much. I'm sure we'll be running behind a lot of it like last year.

Twitter is my Jag, lol.

I think we might have the weekend off, and now @bonenado's got this head cold from hell and sounds terrible, poor man. He poured maximum strength mucinex into his coffee IV, and you've gotta know he's not a meds man AT ALL. If he's taking something? ~*~it's bad~*~

In case you're not aware of this yet, very cool.

I so cannot wait for this movie. I'll probably have to wait forever for it to be released to Dish and DVD. There's a martial arts in film review directly after the trailer. I studied Jackie Chan's Drunken Master frame by frame and behind the scenes diaries, just brilliant.

That's right, I have absolutely no agenda today. I'm blabbing on about not a whole lot. I need to peel off here and go cook some bacon. This is for @bonenado's head cold.

df :edit: ignore that, it's not code for anyone, just a place holder after a bunch of html that I forgot to wipe.

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