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Monday, September 19, 2016

sliding into my DMs like

I'm just now looking at my fantasy team this week. Looks like my guys are done. Uh-oh, looks like Jim has one player left tonight. I could still yet be toast.

Mold count in Spfld is over 45,000 already. My sinus is on fire. Hello, autumn flood season. Wait, we have an autumn flood season?

O_O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking for a demotivational poster for autumn and ran right into this. My brother took that pic, and I know because he took it several years ago on his property and used it as a cover on his music site back then, and I told him it was a really nice pic and he told me he took it himself. Incidentally, when you click this pic back to source you can see the date this poster was loaded, which is 2 weeks after our mom died. I looked through the user posts and found out the birthday month is different, so my brother didn't make this. You can see the same landscape in a post I wrote that included a pic from one of his kiddo's wedding reception.

The synchronicity is strong this morning. *gets more coffee*

Busy week coming, gotta rock out the door every day till Friday, and I'm not holding my breath on that one. I will say one thing. Any man who gives a woman crap during a severe post partum crash is pure selfish, and meemaw is pretty pissed.

Although it goes against my better judgement and experience to keep promoting other people's junk, this slid into my DMs and now it's your #mondaymotivation. I'm not endorsing this person, but yeah, this is about where my head is right now.

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