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Monday, September 26, 2016

time to get my Pinkyween on

 photo zombie.jpg Head cold from hell mini report: Larissa is right, this thing evolves. I reached the Dylan checkpoint of the sticks poking up my nose feeling and woke up with the nasty headache that suddenly hit several people and wiped them off the twitters last night. I feel like I'm back to square one on the superglue explosion in my head.

I scoped the national and state level trending health charts last night, nothing entero or adeno particularly spiking, only thing off the charts is rotavirus and it's unrelated. Saw odd random reports of Legionnaires, light influenza, and even one Ebola reported over that last week across the nation, but nothing indicating head cold from hell.

So this is all in our heads. Get it? All in our heads. Too early? *sips coffee*

By the way, never use ice cream when you run out of creamer.  photo yuck.gif Just don't.

Anyway, so confirmation on "zombie virus" by a person with multiple degrees and certifications in several fields (scroll down to Larissa's staff bio), and we really are all infected now. I'd source the quote found in sploit's comments, but since it's in friends only on facebook, you'll just have to believe me. -ZOMBIE VIRUS- Embrace it, guys. Love your gunky headed infected selves. We are all worth something on this earth, even in pre-zombie outbreak.

See, that's really the virus making me type out all that stuff. I'm being held hostage in my braincase, my true feelings muffled, and omg don't take me back there again, nooooo

They're making me look at flowers. Click this if you'd like to look at them, too.

I watched a #SherlockedEvent event roll through the twitter feeds last night, didn't share much, so here, lemme make it up to you. There's a whole zombie Sherlock underground out there, if you're in the mood, and from there you can wander through a maze of vampire Sherlock, werewolf John, and Vamplock. You're welcome.

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This is about the only go music I can handle this morning. Gotta zombie out my door pretty early this morning. Time to get my Pinkyween on.

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