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Sunday, September 4, 2016

in the Pinky cave on Labor Day weekend

I need to get back into something ~FUN~, last couple of posts have been a bit glum, way too thinky, right?

I'M EXCITED FOR THE NEW MoC SERVER COMING SOON. I've been talking strategy with anyone who'll listen, watching other people place TNT and blow up the beautiful towns they made on the old server (it's been pretty hilarious), going back through chat logs at the very beginning when we were so nooby and realizing I'm becoming a truly competitive force. I'm betting I can tunnel through 20,000 blocks in 2 weeks flat, and if I go diagonally across the grid it'll actually be double that by the time I hit 20,000 because both x and z coordinate travel, plus I'll be having to get around lava. I did close to 8,000 blocks in one week last May, plus loads of tunneling since, so I'm pretty sure I can pull this off and still pop out onto the surface for food and wood and brief recon. I have several big construction goals, which will give me stuff to focus on when I kamikaze on bad days. Give me a year and see what happens, right? I'm also wanting to tunnel clear out to near 90,000, which will be map edge. I also have yet to learn the nether, can you believe it? I've never conquered the nether.

I've been experimenting while I wait for the old server to be wiped. I've been sinking gravel into ocean to kill the water blocks, then digging down into the gravel to clear space, pretty sure I can get the hang of creating underwater cities if I wanted to. I can always resurface with dirt for a tropical garden or even completely submerge.

That little white block in the water is a jellyfish.

That's about 15 blocks down, easily 3 stories.

Imagine lining a bunker a couple blocks up from the bottom of a deep ocean floor with obsidian, no one would ever find it, and it would be just about impossible to grief. I've also noticed that hostile mobs never seem to spawn where I'm working in ocean biome, which is a big plus for getting a lot of stuff done.

Scott and I ran into Springfield yesterday morning, got his hunting tags and some jeans at Bass Pro, got his flu shot at Walgreens, I loaded up on more spirals and pens, naturally. Talked time organization and financial strategies for the kids and the holiday season. Got some pix. If you guys have ever driven past or been in a Bass Pro, this is the original one that started it all, and it's ~huge~. I'll link this first pic to their website, but there's no compensation here, just making it easier for you to check it out.

I know, right?

I could lay inside one of those chandeliers.

Thought of all my rowdy friends.

3D depiction of what it looks like underwater.

Zoomed in a little. Love all those cute little feet.

Can't help thinking of all the crappy Syfy movies when I see this, lol.

I wrote this next bit several days ago and didn't know where to put it, so I guess I'll just leave it here.

There's a sort of haunting loneliness in getting to know your stats so well that IPs and particular browser-operating system combos feel like old friends. I've been able to see when some of you upgrade. (Half of you just froze and then scuttled off like rabbits.) (Srsly, can't see your names and addresses. Calm down.) I only thought of this because I got nostalgic about the old days this last week when site trackers were simpler and IPs weren't pinging off 5 different things and there was no such thing as keywords, and all I needed to see was entry point to know if it was coming in from a bookmark.

Things have changed so much that I lost track of a particular check-in through the years, but I think I've found him again. That's right, took 2 years on Pinky blog trackers to untangle this lurker again once I started noticing, who I'm pretty sure knows the Lexx fandom better than any of us know it, even though he barely interacted. You know, one of the more serious collectors with the kind of money I only dream of. Finally nailed down a ping that's been going on right under my nose this whole time, and it had nothing to do with the regular stat readout. If I were to say out loud what caught my attention, every lurker in the land would just die, because it was that obvious, but let me repeat, it wasn't easy to put this trail together. At any rate, hello super lurker, really surprised to see you on Pinky blog but hey, thanx for the #s stacking up. I admire your sheer obsession, and I can't help wondering what your private collection looks like, which I imagine must include other fandoms.

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I need to run away and do stuffs. Might have a minecraft date, might have a Bunny bomb, tending food and dodging all the incoming. Have a great weekend, guys.

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