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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

changing future me's lame history

Ok, the real life stuff.

Money and calendar sync done. Not sure where I messed up but it looks like I've got $80 more in the bank than I thought. Did the math 3 times, would be sweet if that's right. All I've got scheduled this week is a couple of physical therapies, yay! So this will be clean the house week. We were super out of groceries, ran in yesterday for FOOD. Oh, finally dumped that 2 pounds I've been whining about gaining about 2 months ago with those med changes. 2 doesn't seem like much, but 2 pounds once or twice a year adds up over ten years, and I really don't want that back, seeing's how I managed to lose 50 in 2011.

Eye doctor stuffs- for the first time since 2004 it's coming up that the weird left eye stuff is probably like the rest of my body, referred. All that weird itching behind my eyeball is the same thing as the weird itching anywhere else. My eyes are fine, they just fake me out because my nervous system. Me and left eye are having a good laugh over coffee.

Submitted a post yesterday for syndication. That sounds so official. Hope to be submitting regularly a couple times a month or so the rest of the year. I need that extra polish experience. I don't get paid or anything, but it will definitely be SEEN. Pinky blog is nothing compared to a site that has over 100K subscribers.

Finally broke down yesterday and picked up a new pair of jeans and a cheap flannel shirt. My old flannel shirt is around 5 years old and holey, but I still love it. I'm not one to have a lot of jeans around, and lately wore out a couple ancient pairs, so I guess time to refresh the wardrobe before I wind up going to town in lounge wear.

Jamming an 8.5 pound pork roast into my little crockpot today might be a terrible mistake. It's even too big for my enameled Dutch oven pot and my speckleware campfire style roasting pan. Kinda facepalming over the idea of having to run the oven all day on really low. Toying with the idea of leaving it in the crockpot for an experiment and just letting future me regret it later. Knowing that's really lame of here and now me to do to future me. A few intelligent brain cells in the back of my mind are letting me know it's not too late to slice it in half and split it into two pots, but lame me doesn't wanna do that. Lame me will move mountains in minecraft and doesn't want to split a roast down...

Btw, a ginsu style fish filet knife is really good for slicing a roast in half while it's still in a crockpot. Easy peasy, problemo solved. All future messes averted, future me will never even look back on lame me now with disgust and loathing for being lame, yay! I can always count on me to look out for me.

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