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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the sponge thing

So the new moc is still months away...

I looked up the sponge thing and why this is taking so long. Before I say anything about how people shouldn't be announcing sweeping changes when they are seriously not that ready yet, I'm remembering that I announced a Mantrid post was on the way nearly a year ago and still have yet to publish it. Touche.

Turns out I do have the zombie virus, because strep and influenza swabs came up negative, and ears, throat, bloodwork, and x-ray are fantastic. Doc still wasn't happy with 102.8 fever, so I have a follow up with my regular dr on Friday. @bonenado seems to be sporting a much milder version without fever, so he sucks, lol. Actually, I'm glad he's not, this has been really sucktastic. I finally ate a little bit of real food last night. At any rate, fever hasn't come back and I'm mostly just really tired.

Plan assessing out of physical therapy is to take a month off while continuing home maintenance and then assess back in for more. Home maintenance includes what I've already learned about daily stretching, core strength, nerve glossing, and my usual workouts, with attention to good hydration, nutrition, and rest.

My brain is still under zombie virus attack, so I'm in robot mode and feeling very lectury, which means this is a great time to get back off here and go do useful things.  Here you go, still fresh and trending on youtube.

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