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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

the W10 update (World 10)

I've figured this head cold out. It's like a weird update, the kind that takes a long time to download and install, and then has to reboot, and if you interrupt the process, it has to go back a couple of steps and start that part over.

Think about it. A lot of people think humanity's entire history is an ongoing genetic upgrade by ancient aliens from other worlds, right? What if this weird 2-week head cold from hell is a very subtle hardware update disguised as a virus, and the virus sucks but doesn't make people sick enough to die off, so no one pays any attention to it. In the long run it's way too subtle to be noticed, but the changes over time will have a marked affect on future generations. That or we're getting software updates in our brains and will behave differently when activated. I hope we'll all be nice or something.

On a more immediate daily note, I'm at the brain level where I don't even bother putting more than 3 items on a grocery list because we obviously need allthethings anyway, and then when I get there I don't buy much at all because it's not on the list and I can't think beyond Iwannagohome. Now I get to be creative with menu planning and very little food with no brain...

Yes, let's plug the vid and get outa here.

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