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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Misaki would be a cool name for a chicken

I was reading a very long analytical article yesterday that included using proper placement with key words for more exposure. Ladies and gentlemen, that tweet up there is your model. It outstripped nearly everything else I did last night.

That article spent a great deal of time going over ranking and stuff and utterly failed to do itself what it was advising others to do, like be linkable with a picture and slug share, etc. It's like getting instructions from a physicist on everything wrong in your life and then you find out they can't even make pancakes.

Android is my favorite
I hit 102.8 over several hours yesterday and finally got hot enough to start stripping back down to one layer, yapping away on twitter, sorta floating in a surreal bubble of fever, like you do, when it hit me why I don't like Dark Matter. Don't get me wrong, it's a great show, awesome people, good story, but the writing is so canned. Everything that comes out of their mouths is so bland to me that I can barely pay attention even with all the cool CGI and crazy action drama going on. This is what I heard last night on the season finale. Spoiler warning if you haven't seen it yet.

 : There is a bomb.
 : We need to find that bomb.
 : Where could that bomb be?
 : Crap, we just lost Six.
 : You're the bomb!
~brief internal struggle as processors digest a thousand years of philosophies of existence in nanoseconds~
 : He blew himself up.
 : Wait, there's another bomb.

Everything they do in Dark Matter is predicated with a statement about what's going on, kind of like reading a book. Yes, there is mystery and hanging on the edge of seats and figuring out puzzles, but there is a deep lack of using the actual story to tell the story.

Remember, I'm feverish watching this...

I was also ticked off that after Misaki sliced Nyx with that poisoned blade that she had to waste time standing there telling her with so little gloating or any other emotion, and then politely walked around her body. Guys, if I were a murderous assassin, I wouldn't waste my time even talking to the victims, and I'd have stepped on the body leaving the room. You never see a murderer step on a body on TV, which would be the ultimate insult when one has just taken out the next empress.

If you want a better review than this by an also kind of disgusted action-drama-romance author, you can get a more indepth recap at Veronica Scott recaps 'Dark Matter' season finale, 'But First, We Save the Galaxy', who says "I think at some point nearly every character had explained something to someone, at much greater length than I felt necessary." You can see Victoria Scott's website here.

I would love to explore this space station more, but it was only there to be blown up. I thought it was the coolest part of the show.
I can't believe anyone actually voted, lol. 2/3 of the voters were correct.

Super fave on Sherlock winning an Emmy. I love that this is all taking place inside Sherlock's mind.

Enough. I need to get ready to run out my door. I assess out of physical therapy again today, after that I'm going to urgent care to see if my ears exploded. Need to move a teeth cleaning appointment because it's obviously not cool dragging this kind of stuff around to people who actually touch my mouth. Rest of the week will probably be gross and then catching up the laundry and dishes.

My ears and head and everything still all hurt fairly spectacularly, so today I'm being gentle. This is really beautiful. This guy got me through some really bad years. You can learn more about this artist at Real Music- Hilary Stagg.

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