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Friday, September 23, 2016


So this happened.

Ok, what are the odds that I'd actually catch an interesting stat count, much less that exact number being right next to that exact picture?

A scant few of you might remember this happened last spring.

I might not have even caught it but I was trying to wake up in a head cold daze from a head cold nap after a 3 year old Batman prank called me behind mama's back, which is a great way for me to wind up in anything analytics, and somehow I wound up on the statcounter config page where you let it know all the domains tied to your project, and I'm still so fuzzy about what that even actually really means when it's giving me a list of out of country domain anchors that are still my page, plus the basic twitter short link, and I'm trying to dig up ANYTHING that specifically says "This is your domain even with a different country after the dot, so click this box" and instead running into detailed instructions on how to block both statcounter and google analytics by inserting it into your hard drive coding (wait, slow down) and another page giving a red type defcon warning about not running both programs at the same time for one domain (WHY, TELL ME ***WHY*** throws laptop) and for the love of pizza, can someone with a real brain please spend a little time making it easy to understand whether or not pinkyguerrero.blogspot.com/ru is mine. I am srsly to the point where I'm Ross flopped back in a chair.

Everyone I know is ready for me to be over this cold.

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