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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

full blast

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I dreamed last night that you could choose to allow your overall web activity to be incorporated into an exciting new 'site map' of all your presence, kind of like a map, called your landscape. It was a new form of monetizing that everyone could easily use. Say you shopped JCPenney and several other places online, they would become little markers in your activity terrain and if your followers ping over to shopping from your markers, you get coupons and little kickbacks for future purchases. It looked like a real map that you could set up to look like fantasy, western, pirate, etc, and every day your map would look like you traveled some more.

There are people out there making six figures to sit around tables thinking up stuff like that. And then there's me seeing it all in my head like it already exists somewhere. I wish I could press my head to the screen and file share.

Day 9. +_+ Wow, I'm so done with germs this year.

I'm not sure what's happening, but even all through this head cold from hell I've been able to stay focused and keep working.

I also went into deep recon. I'm not sure how, but lights are coming on like crazy now, and I'm looking back and looking around into the distance and connecting dots I should have picked up on years ago. All I can say is I'm sorry I was so super aspie, I know someone tried, and I remember it. All of it.

And maybe now I understand why the Rosette Nebula was such an important image for me. Slowly all my stars light up and continue making the whole picture.

In the meantime.

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