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Sunday, September 25, 2016

cause it'll give me time to think

I think the very best part of standing here in the mausoleum style house of my evil lair is the utter peace and lack of any other noise but a mourning dove. In the conference room is a constant hiss from the spider spawner, and in the valley below is that huge platform over hell itself with the continual groanings and growls, and then right next to it is the village full of villagers and animals mouthing off in their own little cacophony. I finally finished the stained glass just to get it done, gave up very quickly on any kind of pattern, which suits me just fine. And just stood there.

Things change. All the things around me change and change and change. The only constant I've ever had is a narrative in my mind and being stuck in a real body. It's weird to think about.

There is a such a big perspective change between the here and now in the moment stuff and the big picture of all the things over all the times. You zoom in, it's like sink or swim, run to keep up, fight for your place. You zoom out, it's like a distant memory of doing and seeing all of the already done.

I wrote that yesterday. Good morning.

Final touch on the house-tree-person psyche eval of my mo creatures 'evil lair' builds.

The quiet empty house with more perspective than furniture is the part of my head I retreat to that no one ever sees. Now that moc is nearly over and we're showing each other our stuff, a super mod even gave me the 'oh, coooool' thing. I like lots of room to think and being able to see things from lots of different viewpoints, which is reflected in being able to see the entire inside from 2 different balcony heights and several doors and far walls.

The conference room containing the big spider spawner full of hissing spiders is anything group, and particularly springing to mind is any family holiday. The long table with chairs around it represents gatherings, the spiders hissing represent the arguing (or quiet not arguing, depending on the occasion and gathering), and the utter lack of decor is my sincere lack of emotional attachment to any of it.

The huge platform over hell is the pretense we all have to keep up while all our miseries remain quite active underneath it all, trying to get out. The small demonic temple that wound up looking more like a Chinese restaurant made out of the luxury blocks I had left is nothing more than code, literal, figurative- think social code- however you want to see it, dressed up in distracting colors. It sits over the huge platform like a notary seal on our flat belief systems vaguely covering over the writhing angst tearing away at us underneath.

That I built ALL this next to a village I didn't choose but did choose to help with and then became inspired to go save all the subsequent villages I ran into is still not clear to me, except that I was a part of that project and maybe I didn't want to look any further than that to set down roots. I am very content being fond of what people I care about are fond of.

Also, just wanna mention again, my awesome tunnel network that actually spans over 8000 blocks. As far as I know, I'm the only person to have ever done that and used them more than once. It's faster than flying if you want to get somewhere. I could easily have gone 20,000 by now, but I see no point in it if there's going to be a server wipe.

I still cannot get over both the orientation brain repair and personal growth I've gained just from being on that server for 7 months.

Moving on. Day 6 of the head cold from hell. I *think* it's finally starting to break up. Work crews are dismantling whatever massive structure was going up in there, and as unpleasant as it feels, it is massively more welcome than the whole truckload of super glue exploding and shutting down all major highways and social events over half a state. @bonenado seems to be about 24-48 hours behind me, and he looks and sounds pretty awful, but insisting on powering through. He never got the fever, no idea what was up with that. My doctor wasn't concerned at follow up. If I'd been another day along he'd have even given me a flu shot, but now I hafta wait till next month. NO ONE GIVE ME ANY MORE GERMS.

I think it's funny that this is the song that pops into my head now on weekends. It's actually from a real life thing that I made a joke of and it cheers me up.

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