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Monday, April 25, 2016

the ugly side of twitter luv

Mentioning in passing that one of my top 5 fave people on the entire internet has gone private on several accounts because of the bull crap head games some people play on twitter, and you all have no idea what you lost.

I'm going to tell you what you lost. Access to one of the most brilliant minds in the country. Access to a real insider. Access to a person who genuinely wanted to be part of the gangs. Access to so much more.

Y'all tweet real big about the TV shows you like and posting your suicide hotlines and how we're all buddies and supportive, but. you. guys. lost. the. coolest. person. I've. ever. met. on. this. entire. planet.

Some of you need to look around at how dumb you look playing twitter games, the people you really gloss over because they don't play right for you, or make *you* look cool enough.

Sometimes there is a lurker hanging around that you really have no idea is the very icon of everything you wish would happen in your lives because you're too busy rattling to stop and notice something going on right under your noses.

And that's all I can say, and all I ever will say. You don't know who and what you lost.

Don't contact me privately about this.

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