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Saturday, April 2, 2016

used eye, still works, very gripey, best offer

Friday, 5:45 a.m.

Bank account and calendars all synced and up to date and the next 6 months of big payments scheduled out. Got a shower, laundry in the wash now, rediscovered something I need to mail, still looking for the letter that came with the updated debit card so I can activate it. I'm very thrilled to find I never dropped the money ball, never went in the hole last couple of weeks, which is awesome because May and June are my biggie months. I may need to make some executive decisions about data transfer. I've done all this through body aches and sort of fever and a bit of a headache because I only slept an hour and a half and it hurts too bad to sit here and play minecraft. I look like I'm all ready for work because I'm too miserable to lay back down. At least my eye has nearly stopped oozing. Now it's more crusty. I'm trying not to rub it. Not sure yet if I can handle breakfast after the nausea roller coaster I went through last night. Ears hurt too bad to listen to music. I'd love to bug someone, but I'm too wiped out to put any effort into it.

7:45 a.m. Slept about an hour, yay! Got a yogurt down. Found my first mine shaft but multiplayer is too laggy so I logged back off. My head even looks like it's full of fluid. Wondering if I should run in for a strep swab so I won't have to later on the weekend if this gets worse. Ug, I'm so tired of dragging out of the house, but I've had these things backfire.


So glad I got all that stuff taken care of yesterday, because I'm USELESS now. I spiraled into the howling abyss and dreamed all night in minecraft, you name any experience I've had like jobs or TV shows I've watched with murders, it was all a neverending slew of minecraft interpretations. At one point I was watching millions of workers just move blocks of sludge around, so I'm guessing that's the antibiotic and my immune system clearing out all the germs dying off and the havoc they wreaked.

Can still barely swallow. The doctor commanded me to eat ice cream, and that's pretty much all I could get down yesterday. I had to have picked this up from a pediatric waiting room or something. We took Bunny in Tuesday for follow up on her ears. My worst illnesses through the years can usually logically be traced back to waiting rooms, because no one can believe (even doctors) how sick I get when I barely have any outside contact with the human race to begin with, and no one around me is sick like this. I blame wooden arm rests on the chairs. No one ever wipes those down with disinfectant. Oh, people will wipe shopping cart handles like obsessive maniacs, but not arm rests on chairs in waiting rooms full of sick people.

By the way, those of you who never been subjected to the Doc McStuffins theme song, you have no idea what that one looping through your head in a feverish haze is like.

My right eye wants me to tell you guys it's on fire and, hang on -what? I'm not going to say that, it's gross. No, I will not take pix and post them, are you nuts?- I think my eye wants to get famous like the gross pix on WebMD and stuff. I really don't think we're going there.

As you can imagine, my tinnitus is outrageous right now. I had a Cars song playing on the way to urgent care that I've not heard correctly for years since I went tone deaf in my left ear. To me it sounds like it starts off on one key and clumsily switches to another when they start singing, even though I know that's not true, so I have to remember how the song sounded before my ear went wonky (that was from heavy smoking, kids). Anyway, yesterday was amazing, my ear pressure was perfect and I heard the song exactly the way it was supposed to be for the first time in years. Couldn't hear other things correctly because the ringing in my ears has been ridiculous, but that was cool. I grew up with perfect pitch and could imitate a number of singers and then lost all that, wah.

Smoking your Ears – The Impact of Cigarettes on Hearing Loss

My eye is demanding that I at least tell you the abuses it's suffered as I can barely stop myself from rubbing it. The only relief it gets is when I bathe it in ice cold water till the sensations all stop. I'm about ready to spray chloraseptic in my eye to make it go numb.

The weird key flip happens for me around 30 seconds in, but I'm still hearing it correctly right now. My ear is still insanely stabby and full and ringy and I'm hearing it right. Wild. Anyway, if you want a flashback, here you go. The Cars They've got an all new Best Of coming out in May.

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