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Friday, April 1, 2016

sucking the poison out

That's right, fell into some lava, lost part of my cool suit. I looked like a glowy purple visitor from another planet.

Huddling over a cup of hot tea and a keyboard in between fevers, like you do. Old lappy runs very hot and felt good to my hands. Jawn is like ice.

Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome
Ulnar nerve entrapment"
In one month flat I've gone from needing 3 surgeries fairly immediately on my hands and elbow to all clear, no surgeries recommended. I've worked very hard to get my arms and hands back. Continued PT is recommended to maintain and keep improving upper core and arm strength now. Upper core is what used to have me rebounding back into fail, so hopefully this little side jaunt into nerves from shoulders to fingertips will make that difference now.

Keep moving. Nearly two decades ago I was told I'm one of the lucky ones. I was told that while I watch others around me age and drop off, I'll outlast them because my pain gets so bad I cannot sit to death like so many do nowadays. Sitting too long and eating too much is basically what's killing us off now. #firstworldproblems

I've changed my mind, don't think this is true pinkeye. I've got all the symptoms of adenovirus, keeping my fingers crossed it's not strep. Bunny is doing that same thing, and while pollen.com says we're in peak season and the pollen counts are outrageously high, I usually don't get fevers over pollen. Two things I really like about minecraft- the trees don't affect my character and make me sick, and the rivers don't rise and flood anything when it rains a lot.

The surgery on the teeny little guy went very well.

Also recapping earlier adventures, I can imagine psyche guy watching this friendship redeveloping and seeing in living color now all the ways aspienado superglues to a friend. He's seen years of bereft and confused and sad, now he gets to see the joy. I think he is understandably concerned. He's interrogating me the way my dad should have before I married my first husband. Scott is the only other person who's gone through all the stuff with me, all the sadness of loss and fighting for autonomy and climbing through the jagged rocks and prickly thorns of self discovery. It's been a very long slow journey, but I've busted out and not looking back now.


song of the broken dragon

What would you be willing to write if you thought it might save someone's life?

I got statcounter reinstalled on Pinky blog, and it seems to be working, yay. I need to money and calendar sync all my stuff in the morning before April goes off the rails. I've been ignoring everything last couple of weeks just to hold it together enough to drive. The amount of internet grunt work is piling up again (and Lexx fans suddenly showing up in groups here and there, including people who worked on set), and it's been all I can do lately just to tunnel through mines. This little guy was a surprise.

I don't know how I'm even sitting here. There is nothing I can take because I already have and I still feel terrible. I was hoping Friday would be a catching up day after days and days and days of running into town, but it's looking like @bonenado will be picking up his own supper if I don't start bouncing back by the afternoon. Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to get naps.

I had tweeted this earlier.

I think Steve got jealous.

Let's see, what can I wobble away with... Here we go. This is for all the gooey eyeballs out there. You're welcome.

Ok, one more. Then I've gotta go curl up and croak off somewhere.

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