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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

we either need a living passion to believe in or I'm gonna learn Czech

Waking up at 2:30 a.m. coughing, like you do.

Wow, betcha never thought of this one... "Coughing cats may be allergic to people." Click the pic for more.

3:15 a.m. Why isn't there coffee?? Some people remember to turn the switch on. This setup used to have a morning timer, but the clock's been broken for years. Why do we keep it? Because you can't get under the counter mounted coffee makers any more without having to run a water line. Since we've got filtered water storage under the sink, we're already running a line up to a separate tap for drinking water.

Do you know what's cool about baby cave crickets and ants? Neither one of them surprises me with a dive bomb into my coffee cup. Most of the ladybugs are about gone now. For all their ineptness, they seem to haven an intuition about the outside of the house being better than the inside now.

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6:30 a.m. Looking up uvula stuffs. I've been noticing last couple of years that sudden coughing spasms during allergy seasons seems to start there. Guess I nailed it jumping on the pred yesterday. Clicks to source.

So... something I ate yesterday? I'd had lunch within the hour, foods I'm used to but supposed to avoid during peak histamine seasons, like chocolate and cheese. Doesn't mean I'm necessarily allergic to anything new (yet), but maybe avoid them for about 6 weeks, the same way I avoid tomatoes through the spring. I used to think I was allergic to tomatoes, but I'm not. I can eat a little ketchup just fine, but eating salsa this time of year is definitely out.

My goal is to stay out of the ER this year. April is always my ER month. Hopefully vigilance will pay off. I've lost count of how many times I've wound up in ER or urgent care or walk in clinics over the last 5 years because of sudden food reactions during tree and ragweed seasons. Getting really tired of it.

I'm going to do like yesterday and just leave this post open in case I need to come back and compulsively write.

7:25 a.m. Overheard a few ants gathering around for a treasonous discussion about the rumor that the Queen is really sending them out on these patrols as part of population control, since no one ever comes back from these missions. One little guy popped off about going off on his own and eating what he wants instead of taking it back to the nest, because he doesn't care because this kind of treatment and YOLO, right, while the others tried to shush him. Oopsie. There they suddenly went on a water ride. Dead by Dawn, as it were. They didn't know me and the Queen are in cahoots.

4 p.m.

This post is so stupid that I'm going to paste something over from a private convo.

[3:06:39 PM] Pinky Robot: man, I haven't looked at my tweepsmap stats in almost two years. 12% of my total followers (the highest percentage) are in CA, and that works out to 304 accounts.

[3:07:45 PM] Pinky Robot: Sorry, this is my brain on prednisone, chasing numbers around. I'm trying not to eat. I'm starving.

[3:14:13 PM] Pinky Robot: then it's UK, NY, and FL, which totals to 843 with the CA in it. I didn't realize. I was so busy weeding out the crap for weeks that I never picked up on where all the real people were. Google analytics always told me L.A. was top city, with London being a close second, but beyond that it's really vague.

[3:24:05 PM] Pinky Robot: I really wish I had a crystal ball. 23 hits on this, most of them from facebook, and it's always a curious thing to see when key cities show up around things that regular fans don't really care about. I would looooove to know who in the world on facebook checked that out when all I can see in my public groups is member names that saw it, and they're not from L.A. This is what I keep trying to tell the closed off groups, they really need to make their stuff accessible so that 'big' people don't have to cow to making visible accounts and actually loiter with the noobs.

[3:27:18 PM] Pinky Robot: My numbers look poor on post reach half the time, but if people could see what I see they'd probably jump in and start waving saying "I'm a Lexx fan". So many of these fans go out of their way to dig up and follow all the actors and sometimes even directors, like it makes a difference that the same 50-300 people show up everywhere, but they can't seem to grasp that the more important people who HIRE these people would rather see the FANS talking about what they'd put cash on the counter for. I feel like I'm pulling teeth.

[3:29:04 PM] Pinky Robot: I've fielded so many people asking why don't they make more Lexx, and my question back is why don't you make it more obvious that you WANT Lexx? Holy cow, look at the other fandoms out there ripping it up.

Prednisone makes me pissy. I wanna go shake people. (swear) lol

And it won't matter because probably only 15-30 people tops will ever read this if I never hashtag it or promote, and only link it once.

In. A. Mood.

I just wanna ask you guys- if you could see who checks out my stuff, would you come out of the dark and start shining your phones and lighters to the world? Would you stop sitting in the dark whining and get your butts out here helping me show these corporate guys WHAT. YOU. WANT.?

I get in the stupidest arguments with people who actually literally whine that there isn't more Lexx 'out there' or in the works, who then turn around and say they like their secret culty fandoms, it makes them feel 'special'.

Ok, let's make Benedict Cumberbatch His Divine Shadow and watch the world explode, you tiny little brains out there. 'special'

I'm feeling very Zelenka today. If you don't know what that means, go back to feeling special in your little hole. I'm ready to asplode the world.

p.s. I don't hate you. It's the prednisone.

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