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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

cough the Kasbah

Coughing sux. That is all.

Ok, I'm still here. Broke out the inhaler yesterday. Got a real purty blood pressure reading after that, but bless whoever invented inhalers, I was actually able to sleep. Adding a second BP med to the mix this month (per doctor). Just part of my April routine.

But I've dropped 2 more pounds. I reeeeeaalllyyyyy hope all this weight I'm dropping stays off. That's how bad I was coughing, guys. That makes 6 total now. Coughing adds so much fun to fibro. I get to juggle in fibro of the rib cage and a headache now because of the asthma. I haven't had a real asthma attack in nearly 2 years.

Got a lotta wood chopped yesterday while I coughed, stocking up the store and thangs. (/warp Rivyn111 on MoCreatures). Oh yeah, totally won my first obsidian block off a weird giant robot mob. Mobs- Mo'Creatures wiki

So glad I'm staying in my house today. To all the people out there expounding on how the inside of one's home is worse on allergens than being outside- you haven't lived in SW MO. You haven't truly suffered the orgy that is nature. Take all the dog and cat dander, all the dust mites, all the whatever around your house and multiply it by a billion. I need a gas mask and a hazmat suit just to go to the grocery store.

And oak is just barely even starting. We've got a big oak right by our front deck that's about to rock the Kasbah.

In case you didn't know, that's a movie now, not just a song.

Also, in case you missed it, the Dr. Strange trailer was released last night.

Gonna cough-rock my day. Y'all get all over your survival techniques.

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