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Thursday, April 7, 2016

the boy who nerded

*testing* pokepoke Is this thing on?

Just thought I'd let anyone know who thinks I've gotten out of hand this week that my ears hurt really bad, which means I'm being punished because I just finished antibiotic and I'm still on pred taper. Also, it's been a week since the whole thing started, so if this is adenovirus, I should be way past this by now. Oh, and I'm still coughing a little. And my throat totally hurts to swallow again. And I'm on triple the antistamines, in case this is allergies still triumphing.

Meanwhile, someone stabbing nails in an effigy cackles with laughter.

BUT I SLEPT. That was the best part of waking up. And I'm remembering coffee today. That's the second best part. And my fasting glucose was 96. That's the third best part. And I've lost a pound. That's the fourth best part.

To the person (people) stabbing nails in my effigy, that's MISTER Lost A Pound During Prednisone to you. That alone commands respect.

What are we doing today, Zuul? Thought I'd take the CRV out for a spin later this morning, hang out with the chiropractor, stop by Walmart and pick up some more milk and thangs. Come home and organize some more chores and whatevs. Got the kitchen done yesterday, starting off fairly antless this morning, yay! Stripped everything and got laundry caught up a couple days ago, but I could probably get a load going again today. Laundry is so easy. I remember my gramma soaking jeans in a bucket. I've told y'all way back somewhere about my dirt poor days when I washed diapers in the bathtub and was thrilled to get hold of an old electric wringer washer someone threw out. I'm living real nice nowadays, but I will never forget feeling blessed just to have a bathtub and a junk antique washer. Really need to get on my weekly bathrooms and floors thing. Maybe the prednisone will give me an extra boost of spunk today like it did yesterday.

Couple of brain cells are trying to remind me of something about paperwork.

btw, it's not very often any more that I leave a comment anywhere. I used to, but the way wordpress is set up, it looks like commenting is there for people to link traffic back to their own stuff, and I sort of feel embarrassed to get traffic that way. I work too hard driving organic traffic to piggyback off other bloggers. I don't want to look like I'm fishing.

However. I did leave a tiny little comment on Life is too short to be Voldemort. That is the most spot on motivational speech I've ever read. I'm a speed reader, you know I've read the whole internet. You know I also don't link swap for favors or rent blog space to advertisers, so you know this one is totally worth your time because I'm taking the time to say so. Saving it here is also a good way for me to go back and read it again sometime.

Ok, where was I? I'm sorry I got frustrated this week, lemme rephrase. I'm always frustrated. I'm sorry I vented this week. When I private blogged I dumped a lot, and that helped me deal with all the internal pressures I probably brought on myself. Over time I realized I was spinning my wheels in negativity, and I tried to change up my style a bit, be more positive or at least interesting. My blog was so private I had only one reader, so I do have a witness who can back up how long and hard I worked on my blogging style changing. When I committed to public I felt challenged to be even better, be a positive force, not a grindstone wearing other people down. I feel like this week is a bit of a fail, and yeah, I can blame being sick and feeling cranky on meds, but with all the experience I've got with life and the darts it throws- that's still no excuse.

I don't think I'm cool when I dis on fans. I don't think less of fans when I have a bad day. I love finding fans and hanging out with fans and seeing what's in other fans' heads, and even moreso LEXX fans, because they are so hard to dig up on the webs. Oh, they're out there. They're just really good at incognito stuff. Some of them are like the underground of the underground- rich gamers and high dollar collectors sprinkled around the world. Some of them are a little closer to the surface, but still in the darker caves of fandom. Some actually quietly pop out onto the webs and share their fan creations, but for every one that does, there are ten more lurking who don't. I've seen stuff wink in and out of internet existence that would have the world drooling over Lexx.

The people in the surface soil of fandom do NOT represent the entire fandom. The fringe crowds hanging around the edges of pot and porn are attracted to Lexx, yes, and the passionate feely fans writing fanfics and hanging around art sites are attracted to Lexx, yes, and the cosplayers are coming out a little more, yes, but there are so many Lexx fans the world doesn't have a clue exist. If the world could see these fans, we'd already have a thriving Lexx franchise by now.

Just saying that's why I feel frustrated. Lotta people sitting back watching me sticking out like a sore thumb, and I can see who's watching me and y'all can't, and I wanna share so bad that there really are people out there who. want. more. Lexx. And all it takes is a little bit of prednisone on a tough week to make me wanna kick the walls down.

I have lived through so much. I've seen other franchises reboot and mass world market. I've seen so much cool stuff happen over the last 12 years. I would dearly love to see the Lexx on a giant screen before I'm done.

Just saying.

Remember, the Lexx is the size of Manhattan escaping out of a mountain it has been housed in while it grows. This vid was uploaded by a fan on Jan. 31, 2012. I've bookmarked the account. The last time I shared a Lexx upload on Pinky blog, an entire account got wiped out and I've been very careful not to draw attention like that to Lexx fans this way, so I apologize ahead of time if it happens again. (Lexx is currently acquired and distrubuted through Echo Bridge Entertainment and a new region 1 box set for 29.99 is available for pre-purchase for the release date May 3, 2016 details here.) Tell me you wouldn't want to see a scene like this on a big screen.

And just to be absolutely clear- Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick are the reason I decided I could handle coming back out public. They may not know it, or they might, I don't know. But you guys need to know it. Their inspiration is changing our world, and I for one am grateful for it. Being a real person for public because you deeply love a thing is cool now.

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