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Thursday, April 28, 2016

is the minecraft pill red or blue?


Ok, first of all, @bonenado has gone down that GoT rabbit hole and we are slamming through episode after episode every night after work like nothing we've ever done before. Since we haven't been an HBO subscriber for several years, I more or less ignored all the live tweeting and most of the memes. I think my biggest question right now, waiting on s3 to walk in the door, is whether George RR Martin wakes up sweating from nightmares about all this pressure now. I know I would.

Actually, what I'd really like to ask him are these- 1) when he first hired paid staff (I want staff so bad), 2- whether he uses a personal handler (besides an agent) to interface with his staff and his agent(s) (I need help interfacing so bad), and 3- did he ever hide from a publisher (I'm hiding from my publisher).

Second of all, we went there. Me and psyche guy having the minecraft psyche analysis talk, and me looking more and more crazy by the minute being all excited about my spider spawner room under glass and my Dr. Evil conference room with the shark tank and the cool movie theater I built, and he's never even seen an Austin Powers movie. Or LOTR. I asked. So I totally plunged over the cliff of insanity today with my psychologist, and there may never be any of this going back to my sex life stuff. Just trying to describe shipper vid appreciation from my rather unique angle has swirled those rainbow cupcakes in my little eyes till I glow. I swear I'm morphing into an enderman. I'm nearly in that minecraft spirit world now. About the only thing we truly agree on is that minecraft is better than doing heroin. Yes, he actually said that. I'm sure we both meant it in different ways...

Third of all, I HAVE MY VOICE BACK. I missed talking. I'm ready to talk someone's ears off. I'm ready to hunt someone down and corner them and talktalktalktalktalk. I think I'm catching a break from the big storms that rolled through this week, kinda stripped all those long oak pollen strings and sucked the air out a bit, like Mega Maid.

He's home, here we go.

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