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Sunday, April 3, 2016

I can already tell my brain is going to call in sick Monday

@ 3ish pm

One of those daunting weekends where a cascade of things going wrong was best handled by becoming a switch thrower, sort of like a controlled burn. One of the funny outcomes is that we had a Bunny for about 14 hours and I totally lost my voice this weekend, a unique combo of energizer motormouth and croaking whispers.

I made the trending tweets list for #AutismAwarenessMonth, yay! I imagine this is an ever-changing sort of list, so no idea how long it'll hold or if another of mine will show up.

Also discovered my G+ page was put through a Chinese filter. I thought Google sites were at least partially blocked in China.

Why Google Quit China—and Why It’s Heading Back
The list of blocked websites in China (2016)
Test if any website is blocked in China

My original Lexx fansite is still viewable in China. Pinky blog is blocked, and so is Lexxperience, so big thumbs up to Xanga, I don't care what anyone says. (And now I see the logic in teaming up with WordPress, because WordPress blogs aren't blocked.)

I can only guess why anyone in China would even care (although I was among the retweeters about China getting in on the Sherlock marketing and merch action), but years ago, I watched a very determined China footprinter in my Xanga tracker methodically go through my entire Lexx fansite over a course of several days (nearly a week, I think) with a very specific sort of trail that hinted maybe someone was taking the time to reproduce my entire Lexx site post by post in Chinese (I was able to see when posts were shared via email link, and based on my own web salvage experiences back then, I could tell the regularity of the time spans between the tracked links might mean someone was literally printing the entire website out, post by post), which was pretty cool since Google was still really new and China was still pretty much sealed off from world webs. I do remember Xanga intro'd into Hong Kong around 2008, and that is probably how they got to my Lexx, but I think I mentioned it back then even before 2008. As far as I am aware, my fansite disappearance later in the western hemisphere as it lay dormant while I was delete-bombing my own content probably didn't harm the Chinese version at all, if it was truly reprocessed into a different server. It's quite possible my entire original site still exists and nothing I threw away was truly lost forever.

btw, plz to note that my original site address is still ranked in the #3 position for mobile listing for xanga. You know, in case u think I'm making a big deal bcuz I say ppl know who I am.

I'm actually super brainless right now. I'd go to bed for severe sleep deprivation over the weekend between being so sick and miserable and then helping with Bunny, but my bedding is still in the dryer. I'm doing my best to pass a respectable amount of time keeping myself occupied in between random chores while I wait on that.

I'm also feeling a little sorry I made taco nachos earlier. It was my first solid meal in over 48 hours because acute pharyngitis, barely being able to swallow a little yogurt and ice cream at all, so I was ecstatic to finally get some real food in, and the more flavor the better, right? Oh, silly me... My body is very keenly aware of every nuance of chili powder and cumin throughout my nervous system now. You don't come out of fasting chills and sweats with a big load of spicy food. It only adds to the overwhelming shock of having been so sick. Engrave that on a plaque and hang it up somewhere.

~later~ +_+ Add chocolate to that.


Doing it properly now with sauerkraut and hotdogs. No bun. Everything in my body is saying thank you.

"You look sad, when you think he can't see you." Every time the focus is on Sherlock, I wonder what they're really saying about John. "I was so alone, and I owe you so much..." John knows Sherlock sees it all and says it anyway. If only we could see in John's mind palace, what sort of conversations does he have with Sherlock that remain in his head?

Jagged random naps in between insomniac feverish hazes really mess with me. Thank goodness I woke up with this song stuck in my head. I was dreaming about the mineshaft I had found while I was tunneling deep underneath the ocean, and it got kinda weird when Sherlock and John showed up. Germ warfare gets pretty serious with me.

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