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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

desperate for distraction

I don't consciously think about it very often, but there are so many ways TV shows have affected me and still affect my thinking on a daily basis. I'm not going to try to cover them all, but here are the most honorable mentions.

To this day, every time I see a radish, trim a radish, and/or eat a radish in my salad, I think of Joxer the Mighty in the Xena series and his radish stew that made everyone sick, so they snuck him into the enemy camp as a cook. And then I think of the Joxer the Mighty song and stuff. Here is a fan tribute.

The very first time I heard that tiny sandwiches are called sliders, I thought it had something to do with the show Sliders. It would have been cool to see the Sliders eat sliders. I don't know if the Sliders movie crowdfunder ever turned out or not. Language caution.

Every, Single. Time. I see or hear a hurricane alert or discussion, I can't stop the Hurricane Song running through my head. Kids from C.A.P.E.R. is my favest ever Saturday show, and I wrote more about it here. This is a snippet from my favorite episode.

Anything and everything Peter Weller or Chris Gorham reminds me of Odyssey 5, the coolest show ever canceled. Every time I see anything NASA related, rocket launches, satellite news, space station stuff, I think of this show.

This intro is forever seared into my brain. Pretty sure it was a brainwashing plot. Ever since that show, everyone in winged costumes reminds me of the Bugaloos.

I cannot ever innocently see Martha Raye's name without immediately thinking of Charlotte Rae (no relation) and The Worst Witch. Click right here for the world's funniest movie review ever. I still can't believe actors really take jobs like these. I mean, no offense or anything, I love Tim Curry. (I made a series of Curry Toons years back- Celebrity Boxing, Valentine, and Before I Ever Had a Blog.)

Some of you are wondering where is the Star Trek and other scifi stuff, well, I was glued to the entire Misfits of Science series until Dean Paul Martin was tragically killed and the show stopped. This is the show that pops into my head every time I see Courteney Cox.

This was me getting through a tough day. Earlier I got Office updated and loaded into Jawn (finally). Depending on how long this month gets on inhaler, loads of histamine blockers, and possibly another round or two of prednisone, maybe I'll be getting more work done. What I'd really like to do is take a nap, but even slightly reclining starts all the lung tickle again.

I need a song so I can escape. Laterz.

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