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Thursday, April 21, 2016

already apologizing

Getting snapped up for a rockin' French news list at 5 a.m. and I'm all bleary eyed going wha?

Here you go, I haven't done a #TBT in awhile.

I like this edit better.

Yes, cute little pinstriped overalls and a fancy top stitched double ringer tee. Way ahead of the crazy crowd around me in rural SW MO.

Ok, anybody getting any kind of negative flak from me this month (yes, including the facepalm I just added to another Kai parody account using my G+ groups to get attention), it's the zyrtec, ok? I'm so bombed on this and enough benadryl to take out a mastadon, just whatever you think is cool or cute or whatevs, run with it wherever, just because I mock on my own turf doesn't mean I hate it, ok? If I hated it I'd remove it.

I have no idea what direction this day will go, so maybe just leave this here and get moving.

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