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Sunday, April 10, 2016

me trouver en vous

I've reached the zombie stage on zyrtec, so I skipped a dose, and I don't know if zyrtec and the wee bit of xanax I'm allowed massively potentiate each other or what, but this was a really complicated dream.

The walking dead was about an alien invasion instead of zombies. People were disappearing and no one knew why. Rick's gang had been able to stay ahead of getting caught, but they'd found other people, kind of like Alexandria but this was more like a residential apartment and duplex section of a big city. Carol was helping a group completely lead shield the inside of one of the buildings and for all intents and purposes wasn't around any more, everyone thought she'd been taken. Rick disappeared but no one knew if he'd been captured or escaped. The aliens didn't look human, sort of looked like some kind of weird cruel dogs with way less hair and more bipedal. They had reached our group, caught us rabbit in the net style, and started interrogating us.

They wanted to know about some underground leader in another country, as if we had a clue, and I was all like Hey, let's play along, lead them on, so I said yeah, that's my dad, so they took blood work to see if they could divine the future from my genetic past. It was weird, like they were into their own weird mysticism and didn't quite understand how biology works. Beyond that was regular mundane in and out ducking and hiding and convo stuff about steering clear or surviving or whatever.

Back to minecraft. I apparently really ticked off an ent yesterday in Mo'Creatures. I was gardening away, when suddenly I was picked up and flung around over and over, and I never could see who was doing it and had no defense. If I'd had my wits I'd have F5'd real quick so I could POV behind me and I might've gotten awesome video if I had done that. I bet no one in the world has video of being thrown around by an ent. Anyway, of course I died, slammed into the ground from a about 4 stories up, but none the worse for wear. Didn't lose any of my stuff like I do with other mobs. Oh, here you go, ran video after the fact in case it happened again and never did, this is the guy that got me.

And then I forgot to switch out of forge going into singleplayer (I seem to have found a chicken world) and the MoC pack crossover wiped all my mobs from the seed world I was in. Everything in my chests was gone, and my door was missing, but nothing else was touched, and my only clue was a lone ant crawling around my patio.

And then Kai found the island with the legendary giant mushrooms. That was pretty cool.

And oh yeah, this went a little crazy. I was barely even on twitter yesterday, come back later and wo. Here I was facepalming over not having written 'switch' instead of 'button' and suddenly it just takes off. You see why my first book isn't published yet... I'm not sure I could take my own cringing if I ran into a typo after the fact, and I've seen readers hash other very famous authors over the typos that come out of ghost writing and cheap print jobs. Mashing two phrases together into an awkward tweet and watching it go semi-viral nearly undid me yesterday.

@bonenado brought home The Force Awakens to watch today, help take his mind off a partial fast for a test tomorrow. I have done everything in my power (sort of) to ignore what I see on the social medias, but I already know so much that I'm feeling kind of blase about it. I love fans, and I love twitter, but I guess the mass hysteria over this one didn't settle well. I'm sure I'll come around once I've actually seen it. The snip clicks to IMDB.

Monday and Tuesday will be a little demanding, no idea if I'll be on anywhere or not, likely not for greater portions of either day.

This was uploaded 3 days ago, so even though I'm way behind the viewing audience, I'm still sort of cutting edge.

But seriously, need a jam.

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