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Thursday, April 14, 2016

the white rabbit

Got the impression that using minecraft as a deterrent to, say, killing people doesn't really fly with psyche guy. Srsly, I think he thinks I'm just following a white rabbit down a hole, but I say I'm still saving lives. Also, whatever he hears from parents about kids being hooked on it doesn't apply to me- I'm a gramma. BIG diff there. It's not like I'm gonna flunk classes, and I'm already in a proven healthy long term relationship. I told him minecraft is like interactive living art. That might've gotten me a BS notation, but I'm pretty sure that ranks me above pot smoking advocates and wine enthusiasts with nothing better to do than tweet how wonderful pot and wine are, no offense. I prefer opiates, but we all know how that went down. Or maybe some of you don't, but let's just say it was a big ol' fail in the long run. I still miss it because I'm an addict, but if I ever switch to tweeting about loving vicodin and stop talking about minecraft, there'll be no coming back again from that rabbit hole. Just saying.

The neighbor's grass versus our grass. He probably hates us.

Can you imagine living on a genderless planet? I think about that sometimes. What are the odds that nearly every living thing on this planet must use gender interaction to reproduce? Really tired of breathing other beings' sex.

I actually enjoy nature on minecraft because it doesn't make me miserable. I can walk on top of the trees like Bilbo and see the sun rise or set, I can run around flower forests without sneezing my head off...

I guess this is just a blurb. Walked off and did something else and forgot I was even here. No, I mean real stuff. You know, laundry.

But I did tell psyche guy about some of my Mr. Glass thoughts.

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