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Sunday, April 24, 2016

notes d'amour dans une bouteille, exprimés sur la mer

Playing survival in a creative realm. I fixed a giant hole a creeper made at one of the gates. I'm getting really good at that. Going in and out of cheats helps (I really like diamond armor), but shooting creepers with bows and arrows is just really cool, even with the damage I have to fix later. What seemed overwhelming 2 months ago has become second nature and fun.

This is the backside of the huge place I'm building my real first 'house' in now on MoC. Not a hut, not a base camp, but a real place I'll call home. On the other side is the huge archway over the theater and evil conference room with the glassed off spider spawner and the shark tank. And the Avatar island, and the big platform I'm going to build a luxury house on. You can't tell from this angle how utterly huge the whole estate is. If Johnny Depp played minecraft, this would be on par to his level of eccentricity.

Working on my first obsidian dig in MoC. There is live lava directly beneath the obsidian. I'm spending an incredible amount of time rebuilding the floor underneath it block by block at great peril to myself just to be able to get the obsidian. I wised up after my first misstep into lava death and set up a trunk on the side so I won't lose everything again.

That is what real life used to be, problem solving for food and the daily materials we need for shelter, protection, and economic growth, but without the sunburns, bug bites, weather disasters... hospital bills.

I know, I have work to do, but I'm still trying to wake up. Actually slept in a real bed last night. This whole month has been about sleeping on the couch because coughing when I lay down.

Meanwhile, in real life, Bunny went out fishing this weekend, while Papa stayed home setting up a new swingset.

The irises are coming out a bit early. They usually bloom just before Mother's Day.

My sister is going through old pix while we get travel plans in place for a reunion.

My dad, lol.

All the wonderful deep talks over the last couple months.

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