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Thursday, March 31, 2016

this keeps getting longer because I can't think of a title

Last big day of a very long month, including appointments with psyche guy and a surgeon follow up after PT and checking on a tiny little guy in his own very giant surgery, and I wake up in the night with pink eye...

Thank goodness I know what to do. I am a paragon of sterile fields and not touching anything. This is where I wish I had a pretty handkerchief to hold, like ladies used to in the old days. People see me holding a kleenex will think there's a booger on it. Wish I'd been a paragon yesterday. It's super tree season, I'm sure I rubbed my eye at some point somewhere between the chewable benadryls and the chiropractor and bank and tax guy and Walmart.

Sorry, got lost in the weirdest cat memes ever. That's right, you didn't know I was actually gone. Anyway, I couldn't choose just one and probably went about 300 deep, so it's going to be one of those days. Like Pinky brain with pink eye. Anyway, I stopped at this one. I come from these people and I'm the one who's strange with brown hair and brown eyes. However, I still sunburn faster than anyone I know, and yes, I'm a magnet for pink eye. I grew up with Hereford cattle, they get pink eye really bad, too. Dad always thought white faced cattle have weaker eyes. No idea if there really is a connection, but he worked on a cattle ranch in Gunnison and knows a LOT about cattle. And he also never got pink eye while the rest of us went down in flames. He came from the blond hair blue eyed people, but his beard was red. But I severely digress. I need more coffee.

I spent a delightful hour in a huge crack in multiplayer a couple of days ago. I might turn it into a dwarf mine like in LOTR and the Hobbit movies. It's developing stair cases and little highways and I'm getting tons of gold and emeralds, even ran into a few little diamond veins. Redstone and coal all over the place. A werewolf I'd pushed over the edge before I went down finally got me at the bottom, but I respawned and /back so fast that I got ALL my stuff back, and then I found him later in human form and vented all my wrath. I love the way they wimp around yelling "Hey, you're hurting me!" before they die. I almost feel like I need a special chest to put all their little wooden tools in, like trophies. Yesterday I started tunneling under an ocean. I'm going to see how far I can go.

Noticed somebody left the door open at the store... Hope nobody wandered around long enough to find a way into our house and take anything. I'm a little OCD about doors. I've nearly been killed in the store AND in the house a few times by some really crazy looking mobs, bcuz MoCreatures.

I'm starting to suspect that Kai lives for the surprises, life always on the edge, a sort of carefree YOL9, as a cat meme would say. I see only one YOL12, but they used Ten for it. Eleven approves...

I don't know if Dwight has ever played minecraft, but some of you have designed skins for him. Go you guys. I'm continually cheered up by other people who obsessively obsess about obsessing more than I ever have.

Scott's already using his sleeves to turn doorknobs just to get out of here and go to work. I bet he didn't think about touching the coffee pot handle MWAHAHAHAHAHA. >=D I wonder if he would believe me tomorrow if I tell him the eye doctor says we'll have to amputate my eye bcuz bad stuff. You know, April Fool's Day. I bet I got this from that stupid werewolf. Those guys never wash their hands. And you never know, maybe I just got a little redstone dust in my eye.

Wow, I haven't had a free association day in a long time. I'm out of practice. I used to love those.

Ok, leaving the house in a little bit, need a jam to pull my brain together around this ooze.

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