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Sunday, March 6, 2016


sunset in the tundra

Lotta backpedaling on the medias now about the orange packaging thing I referred to yesterday. While I agree the packaging thing needs a closer look because biodegradable and whatevs, I can't help noticing, along with others, that the whole debate is once again detracting from the sales targets, elevating the importance of a packaging discussion over the importance of a disability discussion. Everyone's a spin doctor nowadays.

But that's not why Pinky blog is here, is it? Pinky usually doesn't drag draggy stuff here. There are plenty of other bloggers handling the big stuffs.

Before I was Pinky, I was Bluejacky and my main coping mechanism from that era transitioned into Surveypalooza. But I'm not doing silly surveys any more for survival distraction, am I? One of the gaping holes in my Pinky life has been a severe lack of survival distraction since I went public.

Well guess what- I'm surviving. For realz. Starrstrukk is where I'll be now in between Pinky blog, SyfyDesigns, twitter, Lexxperience, and multiplayer. Oh, and real life. Whole buncha real life last 24 hours.

It's been a few weeks since we've had a really big Bunny day around here, and last night was a sleepover. We've srsly gotta get a swingset and stuff.

In case you didn't know where sox and shoes come from.

Getting those pesky fake ladybugs littering the floor.

Papa set up her little tent in the livingroom. Somebody's a ham. She was trying to pretend she was asleep and couldn't resist looking to see if I was taking the picture.

That kid wiggled all over the place last night, right out of the tent. I don't think even a king sized bed would be big enough for her. This was 5 a.m. after I got my coffee.

And this was about 7ish or 8ish a.m., looking all wiped out like a teenager or something after she'd been up bouncing around at 6 a.m.

Oopsie, hit publish before I was ready. Really wasn't going to say much more.

I'm in a really mellow mood this weekend. I said what I've been needing to say to the one I needed to say it to for so long. I don't think my soul has ever felt so at rest.

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