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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Hanging out with the locals, yapping about the weather, ordering hamburgers. Cool, huh?


If you've never been on minecraft, villagers have a unique language no one else can understand that sounds like "huh, huh", and they get really excited when humans come around, and especially if they hear doors and especially if they can open and close their own doors. They love doors. Holding these guys right next to my bedroom gets a little weird, it's like listening to an orgy, and they don't. shtap. Giving them a blocked door to play with was probably a little cruel, but it sounded like they really got off on it.

This is my pad on the other side of that wall. (That's a Sherlock poster.) The innocence is gone.

But it's cool, because Kai has even bigger plans. We are reviving a pillaged village and saving the villager race. They finally got relocated this weekend. No, this isn't the village, just one of our houses.

Minecraft is like Magrathea (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) (edit: sorry, misspelled the title up there), with endless world possibilities. I grew up in the desert southwest and get a kick out of the deserts on minecraft, so Kai let me know there really is a mesa world out there.

Cool, huh? So I tucked that into my singleplayer and go visit once in awhile. I hop liberally in and out of creative mode like I'm a rich sob on vaca, and I grabbed pale blue diamond armor so I'd look like a turquoise kachina.

This is the arm/hand therapy I'm doing, short and interesting read- Hand Therapy and Soft Tissue Treatment. I'm sure you guys are tired of me mentioning my arms and hands. -My Timelord Name- I'll never forget the spaghetti sauce incident.

In spite of that and the minecraft, many things still got done yesterday. The spring cleaning bug has been biting me pretty hard (and Easter coming this next weekend), and you know what that means, right? Deep cleaned bathrooms, all the rugs are washed, laundry is already caught up, and today the beds get stripped and curtains come down, along with (hopefully, while I have @bonenado here with me today) all the floors getting done. I'm not sure if I can handle the steam mop, but I'm going to try. Might hafta wear the wrist splints doing it. Scott does the vacuuming, though.

Oh, yeah, this happened. That's right, Lexx is being re-released, yay! Funny fan comments about the artwork here. It's all wrong, but since when HAS Lexx been properly merched? I'm laughing. It's a precious part of it's wacky history. Clicking on the poster goes to more info for official announcement and purchasing.

These vids are for whoever keeps coming in on "drugs and porn and whores" search and staying, which I can see because GWT (this blog is a verified site, guys) and stats. You're awesome, and I know you need deeper things in your life to fill that void in your soul. You're welcome.

Now go have a good day.

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