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Saturday, March 26, 2016


I'm not the first to coin that word because here it is on twitter. However, I never knew that and I just woke up from a dream with that word in it. The dream also had Van Halen, minecraft, and a crazy weird accident that ripped a guy's teeth out. I think the smash going on in my head was the joy of discovery (Magellan) and the chaos of destruction (Armageddon), set to song and in vivid color and as about as close as you can get to visual of a cross between Snow White's whistle while you build in the minecraft forest and a nasty accident with a bunch of quarry trucks maiming some of the workers. The song was called Armagellan. And of course the admins tried to ban Van Halen from minecraft, and lawyers were able to keep the boyz in minecraft with stipulations and exceptions, but it was all ok because I had ripped their coolest video before it got banned. And then I woke up with The Band Got Banned phrases in my head.

yes, srsly, click

Ah, the coffee is done. We are saved.

So I made the mistake of buying a chunk of aged sharp provolone from a local world import shop this last week. I love aged cheeses, but I've never been around aged provolone. It has a funky smell, like a cross between a teenager's old gym socks and the way puke smells when you've eaten spaghetti. Scott immediately spit it out when he tried it. I can't eat it straight, so I thought I'd try it on nachos. I got those cup shaped Tostitos, put a little chunk of mild Italian sausage in each one, grated a little of the aged provolone over it, and then sprinkled a dash of colby/jack over that just in case, nuked it for a few seconds, and it was palatable. Not exactly delightful, but went down ok. But ever since the quick nuke to melt the cheese, my entire house has smelled like that funky gym sox/puke combo, and it was definitely *delightful* waking up to that this morning. Hufda.

This would be a great song to set to a minecraft fractals smash.

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