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Thursday, March 3, 2016

the step back

Don't even ask me how this happened. I pulled waaaaay back from twitter and my monthly impressions rose 2.5K, nearly broke 100K. I'm slowing down on Pinky blog and my total views doubled in the last six months over what previously took a year to reach.

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I've mentioned in the past that I've been offered hosting services. I'm in discussions now and liking the idea.

I just slashed my main tracker service down to half of what I was paying. So many of my alert readers have followed my advice becoming more covert on the webs that there's almost nothing fun left to track. I'm proud of you guys.

It's time to take my dotcoms to the next level. I'm paying all kinds of separate fees, this year everything will hopefully get all grouped up and centralized. I don't mind paying for what I'm doing, but it's awfully scattered, and I think my logistics could be better.

My braincation has obviously been wonderful. Three people will understand when I say that me and two other people are doing on a minecraft packet server what we were doing on the original ecritters before they upgraded it, except this has been like Iron Man plugging into a socket level XVII or something. Imagine Iron Man's armor glowing in a color spectrum our eyes don't even see. That.

I could never have handled this much braining even just 2 years ago. I feel like Pinky Neo flexing in the Pinky Matrix.

I'm actually still getting through a really tough week, but I'm not crawling through it. Things are really changing.

p.s. I love fans.

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