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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

how do you gloss a keyboard? or, Jawn has me Handlocked, or, *smashing keyboard*

Big breakthrough on the arms and hands thing yesterday, yay! I was able to hold my phone watching TV last night, yay! I was texting and skyping and tweeting, yay!

pic clicks to an awesome article about sleuth tweeting under political duress

I was told I maxed out on the ASTYM, so we switched to a nerve gloss muscle stretch combo that worked so well that my pain level went down dramatically. I'm going to keep doing it through the week and see where I'm at Friday. I was unable to do those when we began. Because of the ASTYM, I'm able to go through all the steps now to keep relieving pressure on all the nerves.

my fave yoga cat ever
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I still have a little bit of ache in my hands, but my left elbow isn't bugging me this morning. I have lived with that for so many years, I can't even tell ya. If that ache comes back, I've decided I'll go ahead and try a cortisone shot next and see if that helps.

I'm still waiting for the Hillywood Sherlock Parody, in the meantime, here's a nice fan tribute.

While I keep waiting, may as well step off with an oldie but goodie. I'll keep this in my head at the dentist. It's just a cleaning, but I get anxiety because stupid reactions to so many things. So far the blue gloves and the mint cleaning stuff have never triggered me, but I go in doped up on zyrtec and benadryl anyway. I once left a cleaning with my throat puffing up, no telling what from, so you can imagine the utter anxiety I go through just over that. Our super tree season is starting early, anything could go wrong for the next 6 weeks. *keeping my mind on how glossy actors keep their teeth* (when I'm alone with my demons- pain spikes, PTSD, and anxiety attacks) (I just shrunk everything in my editor to minus a million microfont by accidentally holding control for something instead of shift. This is going to be a fun day.) (Way too many shortcuts built into this keyboard.)

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